Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Guys Car Show

(Part one of three blogs to be posted this week)

I don't know if it was the Wyoming license plate that endeared us to this 1941 Willy's truck or the fact it was paired with a cool Willy car but, as I gazed upon it, a pen cartoon drawing from my youth played across my mind. A rugged, sinewy cowboy in a faded pair of blue jeans and a worn cowboy hat was driving down a dusty road outlined by a barbed wire fence. Where he was going, I never found out, for my husband pulled me back from my musings and pointed out the identical fenders, hood, and lights on the two vehicles manufactured in the same year.

These two relics and hundreds of other cars and trucks were on display at The Ranch where the Good Guys Car Show was held this past weekend in Loveland, Colorado.

We were here two years ago, but the show seems to have grown a great deal. Our oldest daughter returned with us and we wandered across the expansive lawns and huge parking lot, admiring Chevys; Fords; Dodges; Diamond T semi's, Studabakers, and Nashs, along with others who are no longer in production. Tucked in here and there were a splattering of foreign vehicles such as the one below that dates back to the 1950's in Germany.

This snazzy little number caught my husband's eye as he has always wanted a red Corvette.

Some of the vehicles at the show were restored to their original design when they came off the assembly line. Others, like this sleek black number, were an artist's canvas. Their striking paint strokes, revealing the depths of the artist's talent.

This bronzed, red hot rod, that sat apart from the rest of the pack, transformed me back in time. I could see on the big screen a white t-shirted youth, his arm resting on the open window, a cigarette pack rolled up inside his sleeve. The hot rod engine revving, its deep throat rumbled, vibrating the air. A contender pulls alongside, and the tension mounts as a challenging look passes between them.

Behind the wheel of this classy number, I envisioned a silver haired gentlemen from old money in a pale linen suit , a beautiful women by his side.

Of all the cars at the show, this one was my favorite. I loved the car's body shape, the shimmering copper color, the creamy leather interior, and the tiger painted on the firewall by
the engine, which insinuates it purrs.

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