Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Day

Our daughter called and said she was taking all three kids with her to the dentist, which is three hours away. She has yet to switch to one closer since the divorce. I was shocked. She rarely ever takes all three children by herself. Sh... don't tell anyone but I whooped for joy. No children and no husband. You know how much I love them but a whole day to myself - that is a treat.

No, I didn't sit on the couch eating bon bons and watch old movies. That just isn't my style and there was too many things to do that have been piling up. Had I known this was going to happen, I would have gotten a book on CD to listen to while I worked. I've tried to whistle while I work but it just isn't the same. Especially since it sounds more like hot air escaping a balloon. All day long I thought about how I've missed listening to a suspenseful espionage. I've been hearing day after day about princesses. What is so interesting about them I don't understand. Myself, I've always preferred the seven dwarfs in Snow White to her or the prince. My middle grand daughter would argue that point and watches the princess shows over and over and over again.

If it isn't princesses, it's Barbie movies. The one where her two friends train to become Musketeers is kind of interesting. It makes me giggle for one excels in fan fighting. Yup, you heard me. She fights off the bad guys with a fan as a weapon. You just don't know how much damage those paper cuts can really do. LOL

If the middle grand daughter doesn't have one of these movies on, then our youngest is clamoring to watch Scooby Doo during television time. So you can see why I crave a good CD full of suspense and intrigue.

I should be able to at last get to listen to my type of books for our daughter has a new job starting tomorrow. Yeah!!! I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it. I get to spend five days a week with the kids but at night I can cook supper for hubby and me. No more, I don't like that, can't we have hot dogs or spaghetti out of a bottle. I'll just have breakfast and lunch to make and the kids LOVE my breakfast. At last after almost a year, I can go back to some serious cooking once more. Oh the wonderful meals Kirk and I use to eat. He's as excited as I am.

I know, I know, I got a bit carried away in my excitement. What you are probably really wondering about is the blob of dough at the top of this page. What is it? Well, orange and date quick bread batter. I'm showing it to you because today, I used home-made baking powder in the making of it. It rose nicely and the home baking powder version did its stuff. I'm pleased.

I haven't quite decided whether this recipe warrants the rank of a keeper or not though. This is the second time I've made it and I've once more tweaked it. The spices are not quite right yet. Kirk didn't like the ginger in it last time and I loved it. This time I used cinnamon instead and it just lacked something. I think the ginger. Maybe I'll reintroduce the ginger and just cut the amount down from the original recipe next time.
The quick bread slid into the oven after the bacon. was done. Oven cooked is so handy. I bake a whole package up on a broiler pan and then freeze it. The bacon warms up quickly in the microwave, in a fry pan, or is a great addition to green beans and many other dishes. It stays nice and flat too cooked in this manner.
And while the quick bread waited and the bacon cooked, I started the Kitchen-aid mixer kneading some oatmeal molasses bread. It is yummy as toast for breakfast.

Figuring I had enough projects lined up in the kitchen either raising or cooking, I painted sealer on wood floors and sanded the hallway. Yup, I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by. The kids and Kirk are gone and so far I've gotten a couple coats on in the hallway. I'll have to finish the bedroom floor tomorrow as I've one more area, where the furniture sits, that needs sanded and sealed. It would be so nice to move all the furniture out of the room but there simply is no place for it to go. Our home is fairly small and full so projects are often done in piece meal.

In between all this I did laundry - seven loads.
There is always so much laundry to do with children and I changed the sheets on the beds this morning since they were gone.

Then tonight as one of the coats on the hallway dried and I talked to our son on the phone, I made some vanilla extract. Multi-tasking is the only way to keep afloat around here. I shouldn't have waited so long to mix up another batch since I'm all out of Mexican vanilla extract. I still have a little Madagascar so I'll be okay for the six weeks it takes to brew. As we talked about bird hunting, one of his favorite past-times, I quickly cut six more vanilla beans in half and slit them lengthwise keeping the ends attached yet, exposing the inside pulp to the two cups of Vodka. My instructions say to use the mixture after six weeks but it smells pretty strong of the Vodka. I found that after a couple months, the vanilla mixture didn't smell so alchoholy anymore. It's aroma was more similar to the stores. Michelle and I made our first batch in September and split it so this batch should last me twice as long as the last one. For instructions look back in September 2010 as I did a couple posts about it. Now I really need to go and put the laundry away clearing off the bed in the spare room so I've some place to sleep and the hallway is probably ready for one more coat. No rest for the weary.

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