Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breakfast Sandwiches

Tried making something new for breakfast, an egg sandwich. Not quite your average egg sandwich since the eggs were from our hens making them a flavorful addition far above what you buy at the grocery store and English muffins made from my sourdough who's start is well over a hundred years old.

The sandwiches were intended to go in the freezer. That way my hubby could grab one and take it to work to reheat during his morning break. It didn't happen but maybe your will make it to the freezer but first, if you aren't already making your own sourdough English muffins then give these a try. The directions are on one of my earlier blogs. Just click on the below link for instructions. http://easylivingthehardway.blogspot.com/2010/01/sourdough-english-muffins.html

When I made my sourdough muffins, I was in a hurry and not thinking or I'd have used my newly purchased egg cooker, thing a ma jeeggies, that keep your egg from running around the pan. It's the black ring shaped thing in the photo. Then I would have had English muffins just a little larger than the fried eggs since the dough rises a little.
The rings work quite well if you put them on a hot skillet and you grease them so the egg slips out easily. To see if I really wanted to purchase egg rings, I first used a canning jar ring. Doing the same thing, greasing the inside and sticking it on a hot skillet before adding the egg. Why a hot skillet? The egg starts to cook immediately upon contact with the pan, instead of running under the rings.

When you try out shaping your eggs with a canning ring, keep in mind you will have to lightly push the egg out as the curved shape holds the egg better than the straight sides of an egg ring.Canning rings are not a permanent solution as the heat from cooking will take the paint coating off and you will be eating it. I suspect the underlying metal is aluminum and we all know we shouldn't cook with aluminum. I found the egg rings in the USA to average just under $4 whether in a catalogue or in a kitchen store so I bought mine in the store to save on shipping costs. I should have bought a couple more than three as my cast iron skillet would hold that many so I'll just have to make another trip to the store some time. What a painful experience. LOL NOT!!, since that is one of my favorite places to shop and I have to restrain myself from going there very often. Made much easier since it is a eighty mile trip to the nearest kitchen store.
The next time I make these sandwich gems, I'm going to use sausage instead of ham, just to give that combination a try. As for the mustardy sauce you see underneath the ham, it is just a little mayonnaise with mustard to give the whole thing a little moisture and zing. I'm going to add a few spices next time also to jazz these sandwiches up and a honey mustard.

What you don't see in the picture at the top is the cheese. In my hurry, I forgot it and placed the sandwiches in the fridge to cool off before placing them in the freezer. It's what comes from pushing the multi-tasking a bit too far.

The next day, I remembered and added the cheese but the sandwiches never made it to the freezer. Our stomachs claimed them. After all, there were only three and it was a really hectic day yesterday which started at six a.m. with my swimming laps at the local pool. Then I did livestock stock chores and got supplies ready to go out an shrink the bee hives down for transporting them home, then it was doctor, worm, trim hooves on Gracie and...... You know, you've had many a day just like mine. Well, maybe not the treating the yak part, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, the sandwiches came in handy. So if you aren't already making sourdough English muffins, give them a try. They are yummy. Then take them to another level by creating breakfast sandwiches with them. You or your special someone will be delighted. Mine were. Well, almost all my special someones as I do have one daughter who is not fond of eggs. She wouldn't love these. But, she can have her sandwich without the egg. I'll even heat it up so the cheese melts. YUM!!

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