Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Only Job You Don't Get Fired For Being Wrong

In what job do people regularly make mistakes and don't loose their job, easy, the weather. Still, despite their unreliability, what am I doing? Scouring the Internet wondering what's up for the winter of 2012-2013.

Farmer's Almanac says:
"For the winter of 2011–12, the Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting “clime and punishment,” a season of unusually cold and stormy weather. For some parts of the country, that means a frigid climate; while for others, it will mean lots of rain and snow.
The upcoming winter looks to be cold to very cold for the Northern Plains, parts of the Northern Rockies, and the western Great Lakes. In contrast, above-normal temperatures are expected across most of the southern and eastern U.S. Near-normal temperatures are expected in the Midwest and Far West, and in southern
A very active storm track will bring much heavier-than-normal precipitation from the Southern Plains through Tennessee into Ohio, the Great Lakes, and the Northeast. Because of above normal temperatures, much of the precipitation will likely be rain or mixed precipitation, although, during February, some potent East Coast storms could leave heavy snow, albeit of a wet and slushy consistency.
An active Pacific Storm track will guide storm systems into the Pacific Northwest, giving it a wetter-than-normal winter. Drier-than-normal weather will occur in the Southwest and Southeast corners of the nation."

Are they right? Not according to many  on this site which shows you a large variety of prediction maps.

The Harris-Mann is calling for a hellacious winter.
'This one for a warm one. Who's right? Don't know because I've seen everything from the extremes and everywhere in between. They say that come October they'll have a much better idea. Think they'll take suggestions? I'm hoping for something in between last winter's warm weather that lead to ANOTHER drought and the forecast for the worst winter possible.

With my own plans unable to wait until the weathermen make up their minds since I've got to put away feed for the stock and food for us before that time, I guess I'll just have to plan for the worst and hope for the best. My hope being a decent winter with a wet spring. Decent meaning some wet snow for the mountains to our west for the towns nestled below who depend on run off in the spring for crops. Us lying a bit east, we don't need lots of snow in the winter to fight for it simply blows around, the ground being too froze for it to soak into, lakes and rivers being pretty rare around here and small to boot.

Now spring is another deal. Moisture at that time is critical since the ground is waiting mouth open. No irrigation around here. We need moisture severely but too much in the winter months and we'll see wildlife, that is so prevalent in this county, starving, unable to get to the grass. There is very little grass as it is this year, due to the drought conditions. Too cold and it requires too much feed to keep their bodies warm.

When our kids were little, winters were much colder and we had a lot more snow than now. I remember one storm that left an antelope that had frozen to death standing up for a whole week before the temperature warmed enough and he fell over. The fire in the stove was kept roaring, stoked in the middle of the night. Warm quilts covered the windows. At night we put bricks wrapped in towels that had been warmed on the wood/coal stove in the bottom of the kid's beds to help keep them warm.

 I bet if you asked them, they'd remember. Is the weather going to head back in that direction? What's your opinion?

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