Thursday, November 22, 2012

Spending Time

"How do you get Angry Birds on this thing?"

The newest Disney movie "The Princess and the 30 Pound Puppy".

"Do these glasses make me look old?" 
Not much time to blog this week when these munchkins are spending much more than the usual twenty some hours at our house. And though the older girls aren't a big deal, this adorable little one needs lots and lots of grandma time especially when it has been run to daisy's and brownies, run to ballet, run to storytime, run to after school Thanksgiving special at the library. Yup, I'm on the run but don't give up on me.  Today I'm try a new way to make pumpkin pie to intensify the flavors with fresh pumpkin and I've got much much more.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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