Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unprepared For the Future

It snowed five inches or so and with that push, I started decorating for Christmas. I'd just as soon push the whole event back a couple months. I'm not ready for we lost months of work to family problems and there has been no way to gain back the ground lost no matter how hard we tried. With this depressive situation weighing problems of our own dog pile on top and we lost the strength to fight back. Goals went by the way side and it felt like we were just surviving.

Then this fall I watched the political arena turn further in the wrong direction, a fiscal cliff in January being only the first in a series of crises that loom in our future. Politicians appear to be still avoiding doing hard things, creating a taller cliff to which to fall off of. Further complicating our recovery is the belief that if you are a large company you no longer have the right to buy, sale, and fail, a firm belief of our founding fathers, and must be rescued to continue unsound business practices. This putting off of doing hard things has created problems that no longer have simple answers. 

We have in our personal life also put off some hard things and need to change directions.

Unrest dominates the world with wars and rumors of wars spurred by greed spreading ever further to distant lands and like a game of dominoes, the problems of our nation and the world stand poised. Just a slight tip, one will fall upon another and another and another. We won't be able to stop them. Band aids that we have used frequently in the past no longer will mask the problem, they having grown too large.   

As we watch storm clouds build, Kirk and I grow restless, yet in the Lord's wisdom he has given us a hard lesson in this year of troubles. We need to stand firm or the world will buffet us from our foundation. We did not accomplish our goals this year because we became distracted by other's troubles. We can reach out and help but we can not allow ourselves to be pulled down. If we loose sight of our task of moving to higher ground, we also will be washed away in a flood of problems. This year we have allowed others to shift us to a looser footing but we have begun to climb once more.

The scriptures tell us that, " If we are prepared, we will not fear." It's a guage of how well we are doing. If we are fearful, we need to prepare more fervently. I'm feeling a bit fearful and that tells me much about my preparedness.

I've had a "Oh my!" inspiration watching Ray Mears whom I just discovered. He is a survival expert and he has pointed out my errors. You see we looked at our 72 hour kit after watching a few of his shows. We had all kinds of things but had not paid enough attention to the five basics of survival. They are the five C's. I think that is what can be said of much of our preparedness for the future. It has not been well enough planned and some of the most important things have not been attended to. Some of our basics are missing though we have all kinds of lovely things and have lots of skills.  

It isn't that we have failed to plan. We have failed to take the time to outline the very basics of what we need to know and do. Does the future greatly concern you and have you begun to prepare for a more difficult future? What do you want to learn the most?   

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