Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Sad, Sad Day

First of all I want to address Herdog's question from the last blog post. Vodka doesn't come through in taste for me in my vanilla extract. Maybe because I prefer two and better yet three months aging before using. It still smells like alcohol but the taste isn't noticeable.

I'm not happy with my lemon extract so I've dried some lemons instead and plan on using a bit chopped fine with flour in the blender. I haven't used it yet. Life is just such a roller coaster this year and the beginning of next is threatening to be as bad. The store uses corn syrup in their flavorings to tame the alcohol but I'm not willing to use it.
Sad, sad, news today. Chicory died this morning. It is not necessarily a bad thing since she has struggled since August and at first it appeared to be a udder problem and we treated her for mastitis until she was sick but she didn't quite fit the mastitis symptoms.
Then I thought after we dried her up and her udder stayed small that it was Founder, which she has but has gotten along quite well with two hoof trimmings a month. Her feet had quit growing much  and still she wasn't doing well so I wormed her. Nope, that wasn't it but she revived a little and then went down hill again. She never lost weight and remained rolly polly but she wasn't her vibrant self. The last couple days she has been having more and more trouble breathing but not like pneumonia, which I've treated in bum lambs. 

Then in the relaxation of death, her problem came to light. She was completely filled inside with cysts.  She must of had cancer all this time and it spread throughout her entire body. Nothing we could of really done for her anyway but I'd of shot her rather than let her suffer so if I'd of only known. I really wanted one more batch of kids from her and had intended to put her down after she had delivered but alas she beat us to it. Animals are so tough and it is hard to tell how much pain they are in.

I sold a couple really nice does from her last summer and I'm kicking myself over it. At least I have a grand daughter and a great grand daughter from her.

Interestingly, we had another goat, a Saanen, years ago that did the same thing without the Founder issue. I'm guessing Chicory's system was susceptible due to the Founder problem weakening her body's resistance.

Jasmine and now Chicory, my two favorites, it has been a hard year especially since we had only two yaks and six goats. We now have only a total of eight animals and eight chickens. Not including the barn cats and house cat.  


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