Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas With The Rexroats

Christmas spread over three days, what could be better? I've always thought opening presents was best done a little at a time where you could enjoy gifts more individually. Then again it would have been a long day if we hadn't of spread them out for people went over board on buying gifts. The volume for the kids was a bit overwhelming. I'm of the opinion less is more as far as Christmas presents go but then I'm a bit old fashioned.  
One tradition that never changes is that each person opens a gift in turn so that we can all see what it is and watch the expression on the openers face as they discover what's beneath the brightly colored paper.
All except joint presents that is.

For me, the expressions are the greatest gift, worth more than what lays inside each box.

Our six year old insisted on my taking a picture of each person as they opened each package. She'd stop the whole show calling to my attention that I wasn't ready if my camera wasn't raised and poised. Good thing things are digital now and not film. It would have cost a fortune.
All went well that is until she opened this gift. Look at that face. She was quite embarrassed and didn't want a picture of this but I insisted that every package be photographed in keeping with the bargain she struck. Besides this one is going to be a treasured photo for her book of remembrance. Well, maybe not until she is much older.   
The story behind this unusual gift is she loves the cushioned toilet seat in her mom and step-dad's bathroom and slips away to use that bathroom as much as possible. Hence, a cushioned toilet seat for the kid's bathroom.
Then there was this puppy on a leash. Our three year old opened it by mistake. It was suppose to be for the youngest grandchild but alas, by the time the comment was made she was petting it affectionately and replied, "But I love! It's mine!" Her nine month old sister wouldn't really know the difference so she gained another gift. She indeed loves it as she plays frequently with this puppy stroking it and trailing it along by its leash.
What did the youngest think about Christmas? Well, she just wanted to eat the paper.
We had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you did too.

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