Monday, December 3, 2012

Cutest Centerpiece Ever

I bet my centerpiece is cutier than your centerpiece. LOL Mine's not a poinsettia, which would have been quite appropriate for this time of year, but our youngest grand daughter.
 Yup, we placed her nap dab in the middle. Right where the action was to keep her occupied as Kirk and I scrambled to get the girls fed and the two oldest ready and off to school.
Then it was time for her breakfast of pureed carrots and right before getting her dressed for the day, I introduced her to the cat. Not that he hasn't been around the whole of her seven months of life but she hasn't been interested in him up until now.

She, like her older sister, fell in love. Reginald's fur was especially fascinating as she ran her hands repeatedly back and forth and then began to grab hold as she tried to pull him closer. One couldn't of asked for a greater cat than this one.

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