Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Garden Seeds Turned Flour

What's a girl to do with outdated seeds, eat them of course. Well, that is what I decided to do with a few old packages of seeds. Rather than throw them into the mulch heap or feed them to the chickens, I thought we'd eat them. I ground them into flour  Something I thought, why not since the seeds aren't treated and they are organically grown.

 I made waffles the other day with 3/4 cup of corn meal from my Painted Mountain corn crop from this year and 1 1/4 cups of Montana Flour, the unbromeated, unbleached kind of white flour and yum, yum. The corn flour added a nice sweet complex flavor.
 And though this package isn't corn, I ground it anyway and added it to the corn since there really wasn't very much in the sack. I want to add ground beans to my breads and crackers anyway. Some I think will be simply ground and some I should sprout, dry, and grind since they do have phylates in them that block the absorption of nutrients. And I'm thinking to add to my goal this year of learning to make thin, thin, tortilla shells that I want to make ones with dried ground beans, or dried tomatoes, or, or, or.You know this brain never slows down.
And as I had thought of this in August but didn't get to it until December, I had also planned another little project at the same time. I scoured throughout the bean and pea rows for anything left that had gone to seed last August. I didn't get much, just a little in the bottom of a sandwich bag. These will be ground in a few weeks and added to some food creation. 

If I were living  completely off my garden it would be especially important to glean to the very last thing. So just in case I take my brain down What If Lane to ruminate on the idea of what all I can do with the less than perfect seeds left in the garden after the initial harvest.
1. I could throw this into a soup.
2. I could grind it into flour and mix with wheat flour for why not grind dried peas or green bean seeds in to flour? I add beet and carrot powder to  my home-made noodles. The beets, zucchini and carrots I used were less than desirable being rather puny and small.
3. I could feed them to the chickens.
4. Last and least desirable, I could compost them.

Yup, I think shifting our brains sideways does them good and who knows when it will be necessary. Waste not, want not is a good practice any ole day.  

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