Monday, December 24, 2012

The Christmas Spirit

I put up my favorite Christmas decoration, the Christmas village.  I've collected pieces for years and years and years. Each tree, figurine, and house carefully chosen with a place in mind in the old kitchen cupboard. There is a hunter on the hill beyond the barn with his bird dog. Representative of our son, Kalob and his bird dog of course.
Then there is Finley's forge, a must according to Kirk, with two men out front hammering on a hot piece of metal. I looked long and hard for those. There is a hay ride, which I've always loved to do,  children playing in the school yard, and kids climbing a tree after a cat which always makes me smile. Each piece including the deer eating the carrot nose of a snowman and the manger scene in the church yard are things I love.    
It isn't an expensive set for I have a maximum of $35 dollars I allow myself to spend each year on decorations for Christmas. $35 dollars doesn't go far. This year I didn't even spend that much nor did I put up all the decorations. I've not got a great many, most being tied up in the village.
And even when the tree went up and fell down and went up and fell down ---Yes, our good ole tree stand broke and we have a cheapo stand in. Led bricks work wonders. (Duck Dynasty would be proud. We can be red necks too.)
----it still didn't feel quite like Christmas.

But when we began smoking turkeys Saturday.

 And threw in some hard boiled eggs even though the heat for turkeys is way too high for eggs.---- (We've never done eggs before. )
 And put in some store cheese which we've never done before, though the temperature for turkeys is too high for cheese also....

Creating a melted goo that tasted smoking wonderful.  ----It began to feel a little like Christmas.
The adventure of doing something new with the warmth of tradition. Kirk's folks came for Sunday dinner and we served, of course, smoked turkey, and I could feel Christmas laughter ringing through the house. 
But it wasn't until that night that Christmas slammed the door wide open and came ho, ho, in. be continued.

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