Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Experiments Galore

Impressive, hardly, but none the less I'm off on an adventure to learn to make my own tortillia shells just like I like them, thin and very pliable. I've been searching recipes on the Internet. The science of the thing such as whether to develop the gluten or not or how much fat versus flour etc. remains elusive. You know the thing I really get in to that allows me to more skillfully play with recipes and add my own twist like dried powdered tomatoes, or a little potato flour.
Without science I forged ahead and tried a recipe with milk in it figuring it would add flavor but it is also adds a more tender crumb which isn't what you would want in a tortillia shell. Oh well, I tried it anyway for face it, tortillias can be very bland. It's why I buy the flavored ones.

These did turn out thinner than the ones I made years ago. But not what I had in mind. So I'm off on to a u-tube hunt. I've found one I want to try and the recipe calls for only 1/2 cup of flour and makes four shells. Granted in is something Indian but a tortillia is something made in many cultures it is just given a different name. If I fail, at least I haven't wasted much dough. Much better than this large batch which makes way too many for Kirk and I. Not that I'm not going to use these but I'd like to get to where I can make enough to freeze and they be just right.

Which leads me in to why I made this little, little loaf of bread. One of our daughters is single and the traditional no-knead artisan loaf, though it makes only one loaf, is still way too much bread for one person. So I experimented and sure enough, it can easily be halved for one.
This makes a nicer shape for sandwiches. With the larger loaf each slice has to be cut in half because each slice is too long. I may just pull apart my large loaf dough next time into two small loaves.

Why bother? Being single maybe making your own bread isn't such a money saver but the quality is of course far superior and no additives. I use Montana Wheat that is nonbromiated and not bleached. Plus, she is learning a skill that will be valuable in the future.

With this bread taking such a short amount of your time, it can easily fit into her busy schedule plus if she throws it in in the oven with sweet potato fries or something else that needs cooked at a high temperature, she's using her oven more efficiently.

If you missed my post on artisan bread just click on the colored link and read on. This is one bread everyone should try. Kids and adults alike have raved over the flavor of this easy recipe and it is so flexible that it will fit into almost anyone's schedule.

My next adventure with bread is about to begin as I've been studying and studying recipes for whole wheat bread in a no-knead style. I think I am ready to experiment. 

As for this lotion which has no oil versus

 this lotion that has water, well, the family has voted for the waterless lotion. We didn't feel the water lotion was significantly less greasy and since it has a shorter storage time, it isn't better. 

As for the chap stick, lip balm or whatever, it sets up much harder after a couple weeks and so I wouldn't add any more wax to the recipe. Just be patient.

As for my next subject,  I was looking up the knot requirements for the level of wolf in cub scouts, it mentioned tying one's shoes correctly.  I became curious since keeping mine tied is a real problem. Sure enough I was doing it wrong. I was creating a granny knot and not a square knot. It doesn't matter how many of the grannys I tie, one upon another, they still come undone. So though the bending exercise of continuously reaching for my toes is good for me, the frustration is not. I'd rather tie my shoes only once.

Since tying one's shoes and packages is the same thing, I thought I'd share just in case you too are in the dark about the correct manner. It won't be me teaching though because I happened to find this extraordinary video that not only told me I was doing it wrong but the simplest way to correct my mistake without having to completely reprogram my mind.    &view=detail&FORM=VIRE3 Now I need the weather to warm up a might so I can wear my tennis shoes instead of my insulated Muck chore boots and try out my new found shoe tying skills. Maybe my feet aren't such Houdini after all.

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