Monday, February 11, 2013

King Aurther Cheese Hamburger Buns

I'm in a try something new mood can't you tell. Maybe it is because we haven't had the kids this week until Friday night and Saturday, and Sunday (LOL) but my mind has been a racing with ideas.  And though my energy level is low and getter lower by the minute, I'm still getting a fair amount done because I did not have to get drinks, fix snacks, and cleaning up after cute little munchkins most of the week. I adore them but the break has been refreshing. I'm not young like I once was. And to be truthful, most of the energy boost this week was from steroids to shrink the inflamation in my lungs. My how I can see where the athletes could get hooked on such things. I felt like super woman but now that they are lowering the dose each day my bed seems more and more alluring.

Friday the dosage was still pretty high and I decided to hurry and make King Arthur cheese hamburger buns. Cheese and onion sounded yummy with hamburgers. This recipe is a part of the stack of bread recipes to try. One of my big goals this year is becoming more profficient at bread making.

Here is the recipe. King Aurther Cheese Hamburger BunsFor you long time follower don't be shocked, I almost followed the recipe. I didn't measure the cheese, I just eyed it but most of the rest I followed. I used the larger amount of water since it is winter and Wyoming so is very dry.
As for onions, I finally got around to using the dried onion tops. (In my defense I had some other dried onions I wanted to use up first.) These were the onion seeds that I planted directly in my garden and they never made anything but small bulbs so I blanched part of the tops and dried them and just dried some without blanching. The blanched ones were not so nice looking after dried them so I chopped them in the blender and now I'm ready to experiment with them. It seems it always takes me forever to finish an experiment if it has more than one part to it. Most do.

Want to read about my onion or scallion as I called them read here.

I liked the dried onion tops and it is definitely a good way to use up more of the onion. As for this recipe, it is a keeper so give it a try and tell me what you think.
Our youngest grand daughter, now crawling and ten months old. She has been suffering with RSV virus.
That brings me to the strawberries dried that will go into grahmn crackers, stay tuned, the dough is made and in the fridge but it needs baked. Tomorrow will be filled with experiments. We took the four year old home Sunday night, the last of the four grand daughters who spent part of the weekend. The four year old insisting that she was sick, and she was coming down with the flu, and needed some Grandpa and Grandma nursing care. We wouldn't of gotten her home Sunday night without a lengthy protest but we pointed out that she would be home one day and back for two. 

Yup, when all four of the girls busted through the door Friday night and yelled, "We're home!!" that pretty much sums things up. Our house is their home.

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