Friday, February 15, 2013

Pretty is as Pretty Tastes

 A light and fluffy post today as I'm still doing research, photographing, and writing several more serious posts that you aren't going to want to miss. This is a German pancake that I made up for the grand kids last weekend. They are quite impressive looking. I did mine in individual ramekin containers and that works better than one big round cake tin. These are a puff pancake that is really more of a souffle because there is very little flour and lots of egg.

They rise up  big and this warrants lots of trips by the kids to peek through the glass on the oven door to watch. Then they fall when taken out of the oven. This forms a nice little well to put fresh or cooked fruit inside.  I made a pie like filling out of apples and blackberries. A dollop of ice cream on top since I didn't have any whipped cream and the kids had a big smile on their faces.

At first anyway and then some picked through eating their favorite parts. One bite and  I remembered the last time I served these was when our children were young and why I don't continue. It isn't that they taste bad, they just don't somehow come together right with all the flavors. They look impressive but think omelet with sweet fruit on top. A lemon crepe with fruit and whip cream is so... much better.  I've been doing a lot of that lately. Remembering after I try something. The wheat thing  I will be discussing lately being one of them. The fact is if you don't keep doing something you forget.  Well I do anyway.

But though these weren't a huge success, the Dogs In A Bog were. Sorry, like a dummy I forgot to photograph them. They looked pretty cool too. I made an easy, healthier home rendition of corn dogs. I've heard something like this is all over Pinterest but I haven't seen it.

For those of you not familiar, a corn dog is a hot dog or frankfurter on a stick covered in cornmeal dough and deep fat fried. Instead, I took my favorite healthy corn bread recipe with butter, eggs, milk and fresh ground Painted Mountain corn and put it into large muffin tins. Then I cut hot dogs in half and poked two halves in the muffin tin with a little of their tips sticking out. Keep in mind how much your cornbread will rise so the dogs will just peek out about a quarter of an inch when baked. You don't want your dogs  dried up and crusty from cooking in the oven too long.  Then I baked those while I made a nice green salad.

The grand kids went nuts over what I called Dogs In A Bog. The corn bread was delicious. The hot dogs went well with the cornbread. I was thrilled because though the kids love hot dogs, I'm not a fan of them. Yes, the nutrition police in me raises its ugly head.  But one hot dog now and then is permissable. It is like eating candy or cake. In moderation the body will survive. The kids loved the cornbread and ate lots of salad and didn't want more than one so only one hot dog was eaten a peice. Too top it all of  this creation was fast and pleasing to eyes. That left more time for games and puzzles and simply enjoying the grand kids.

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