Monday, March 18, 2013

Got to Love Days Like These

Not getting a great deal done as my tummy has not kicked the flu bug yet but I wish you could have been with me the last few days (except of course I'd have been exposing you to the bug) because you would have loved to have been here with us.

On Friday while my tummy rumbled and I made frequent trips to the throne, that is what we laughingly call the bathroom, Kirk and I took care of the two littlest grand daughters. Then after school, with the older two grand daughters in tow, we went out back to fly kites with a bald eagle. He soared above watching while the girls tried to keep the kites in the air as the winds changes directions frequently. Think - when was the last time you flew a kite with a bald eagle? Yes, our soil may be garbage but the wild life experiences are rich.

 Then there was Waltzing Matilda on Saturday. She is so funny! Once again in estrus, she was desperate for a male. She's not too picky.
Not that Touch of Classic here isn't handsome but he's hardly the makings of a boar pig. But she didn't care. He was the opposite sex and that was good enough for her. In her haste to gain his audience, she popped off most of the wires to the posts on the fence line between her and his pen. She didn't make it in, though the cow panels were bowed far into his pen, for I'd previously wired the panels together. From the site, I'd made a guess she must of tried to throw herself at him, for he was limping a bit but not cut up. The fence probably hit him as she slammed into it. That she had not done more owes to her good nature for I've watched in amazement as a pig lift up the back of our small four horse trailer with it's head in an attempt to escape.  I've learned to never under estimate a determined hog.

I fixed fence and you know who was in my hip pocket the whole time. We had a long conversation as Matilda was quite chatty. It was of course girl talk. 

"Got the hots for him do you girl?.......... I hate to tell you, he's not liable to be interested.......... No, it's not your age. Your just not his type. ...... I'm sorry............ I know you've got way more udder than the girls next door but honey, he's not after a girl with twenty-four teats. The harsh facts are, his idea of the perfect women doesn't include a girl that says oink. ........I know, I know, it's hard, love is blind. ( I'm giving her a hug here.) but the urge will be over soon and he will transform once more into that stinky neighbor next door. Just hang in there, this too shall pass."  

Then Sunday.
Sometimes you don't get to choose so much when things get done so Sunday despite the pending weather forecasting high winds and snow, we made a dash for the mountains two hours away.  Howling gusts buffeted us but the clouds were still in the distance when we began. By the time we reached the mountain it was snowing so we hurried to load our prize and head back home.

Yup, Gracie has a new girlfriend. We brought home this little sweetheart. She is a yearling yak from a gentle giant of a bull named 7. We've met before and I nicknamed him Gentle Ben so sweet was he. Her mama I was introduced to for the first time or maybe I just don't remember her. She was rather cranky Sunday having had to wait for us while the herd remained loose in the steep mountainous pasture.

Now look at that face. You can't help but love her, she is so.... cute and needs a name. Want to help? I'll post more pictures as we try and decide.

As we approached the corrals I began to worry a bit. We had taken this little one from her mama and I wasn't so sure what kind of greeting she would get at our pen from her new companions. My fear was they would try and establish a pecking order and she would try to light out for home in the snowstorm thinking this wasn't such a nice place.

Only one way to find out. We backed into the pen slightly, opened the back gate on the trailer, and waited. The little one just stayed laying down until Gracie came. Anything new has Gracie's attention right away. I swear you can't place a comb down in her pen that she doesn't have to thoroughly investigate. Yaks are extremely curious like Pronghorn antelope.

Which reminds me, there were these two bucks fighting like maniacs. I've never seen two Pronghorn bucks go at it like these two did. Mouths hanging open gasping for air, blood streaming off their faces. I was afraid they were going to kill each other.

It was disturbing but I'm no dummy so I wasn't about to run out and jump in the middle of these two crazed eyed creatures. I did lay on my horn and lay on my horn for it took a while before they broke apart. Startling them I had hoped would end the battle but they just ran off, the chasing buck hitting the lead buck in the rump with his horns at every other leap. Up over the hill they went and I never learned the end of the story. I just hoped they ran and ran becoming too exhausted to fight any more. What could have been so bad that it heated tempers to the escalated level of a fight to the death I'll never know. Wish I had thought to have brought my camera. They were so close I could have gotten some good shots

Sorry, side tracked there.

Gracie peeked inside the trailer and her eyes grew excited. The little one jumped up and stared. I fussed around with the waterers, giving them a little time to introduce themselves. Cory meanwhile was straining his neck to see but stayed at a safe distance. When I figured enough time had passed, I moved Gracie a short distance from the tailgate and sure enough the heifer jumped out after her.

What a relief when Gracie hurried over and started licking the little one. Cory, true to form, dashed over and then remembered. He had a performance to put on. He ran back to his previous location, whirled around into position, lower his head, shook his horns, and threw dirt in the air one front hoof at a time in the mimicking posture of a Spanish bull facing a Matador. Only he didn't look that tough. Machoness aside, he rushed back to place his chin on her rump, in a gesture that means I just love you so..... much. He's not particularly picky either. No, he's not related to Matilda.


When we left last night they had the little heifer pressed between them. And if she moved they moved to circle her keeping her safe within their herd -- of now three.

Yes, one can't help but smile when days are like these.

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