Thursday, March 21, 2013

Help Needed

What a precious face. No-name here is worming her way into my heart. She's watching all that I do but not necessarily scared. It is more like she is curious about me. Before, she lived a foraging life. Now this strange lady brings water and this ever so yummy hay. 
I promised pictures so you could help me come up with a name. Here they are. Herdog has started and your welcome to keep suggesting. The rest of you get a going. My mind must be full of dust, since I'm spending spare moments cleaning the basement, because it is blank. Help me please.
I want your opinion on another matter. See what you think about Gracie here. She wasn't too pretty when she was young. Jasmine was the beauty. (She died from EHD) But Gracie is turning out pretty nice. We shall see what she looks like after she calves but that isn't what I wanted to ask you.

 Look at her tummy. She is huge! And to think that several yak breeders told me you can't tell when a yak cow is pregnant. They don't get big tummies. Excuse me, but uhh... if I couldn't tell that Gracie here was pregnant I'd have to say I was blind. I think even a city slicker might guess that Gracie is in the motherly way. So am I wrong here to believe that the breeder's dates are wa... y off?

He thought she would be due in July. JULY!!!, how could she go that long. I could be wrong but if she keeps growing at this rate, she's going to explode. 

I'm thinking she bred shortly after arriving September 9th. I'm hoping anyway because she is one wide, wide, girl and itches. Oh my, she itches, always a scratching at her tummy with her horns. Can't blame her for if my stomach was trying to stretch this far, it would be itchy too. In fact my tummy tried to do that with every kid. By six months people were commenting in the grocery line about how I must be due any day now. The bishop at church announced over the pulpit one time when I was six months along that I would be due any day. Yup, every pregnancy I looked like Two Ton Tessy from six months on. I stuck straight out there.

But somehow I don't think that is the case with Gracie. I might have been big but this girl is beyond big. You think she might be due the end of May or the beginning of June? Yaks have an average gestation of 8 1/2 months and longer if having a bull calf.

You think she might be doing the very unusual and having twins? I've only heard of one yak rancher so far that has had twins and he lost momma and the twins. He does not watch his yaks like a hawk like I do and has no experience in pulling calves. Yaks normally do not need aid in giving birth so there really isn't any reason to keep a super close eye on them.
I've got to tell you I'm getting a bit nervous. Twins would be exciting but it would also mean a higher risk of complications. I've pulled beef calves before but they were already restrained at the time. It was never my cow and there was always someone around to help get the cow in the chute or restrain her.

Maybe I'm a chicken. Okay, I am a chicken but I don't want to have to be trying to get Gracie in the chute all by myself. Oh I hope Kirk is home when she goes into labor. She could get cranky. She has horns. She may not fit in the chute even though it is built for pulling calves in.

Oh me or my, what do you think is in store for me? I hope, oh I hope she just has them all on her own.  My favorite thing. Go to the corrals and there are babies, up and nursing off momma. I've pulled my fair share. I'm always thrilled not to have to do it again.

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