Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I've Had It

I've had it. Seriously, I have. I can't find a bloomen thing. For instance, I bought these little jars to put lotion in along with some almond oil. Where is it? It won't be long and I'll need to make more. Yes, my house is a disaster and it has to change. We've had people moving in and out and in and out for years. Our stuff being shifted each time and in between things never get put to rights because we are trying to play catch up, never really able to.

I still haven't found everything that was in the bedroom where my folks stayed for two months last year. And to make it worse, we just keep adding more things. So for the next two years our theme is going to be "A place for everything and everything in its place." Meaning I'm going to find a place for everything and organize things in such a manner that they will stay there.

I love organization. It frees up time for I'm not running around trying to find things and money for we are not buying another one because we can't find the first one we bought. Yes, we have done that a few times. Our up stairs isn't too bad as it has been organized a number of different times, each time it gets even better. We do need to get back to the remodeling. Especially our bathroom. As for an office that we desperately need. It isn't happening because of lack of space. Our house is fairly small.

But the downstairs and garage well, they are in a horrible disarray and they can be made better.
Yes, I've dutifully bought storage container after storage container for the basement over the past years. I've stacked them up neatly each year but they just come tumbling down into a heap after a few forages into them to use the contents. I'm not straightening them up once more. No, I'm putting the containers on storage shelves. What took me so long to come to this conclusion, I don't know.  I can be pretty dense and well, I just didn't want to spend all this money on shelves. I've bought four. My poor husband gasped when I told him the bill last night. Especially when I said I was buying two more, just not this month. 

It's okay, he'll come around once he sees how well the basement STAYS neat. How can I be so confident. I put in an organization system in my closet and it has stayed neat. I did so in the bathroom and it stayed neat. Yes, I'm going to tweak them a bit this year to make them even better. I'm determined. I want organization so I can start painting and fixing up the house again. Organization equates to freed up time.

It is amazing how much more I can get in the same amount of space as I used before. Yes, I'm taking my wool supplies out of this room to put with my fabric and yarn in another room but I've hauled stuff from upstairs and other rooms in the basement to put on the shelves in here. I can't wait to jump into the other rooms in our basement since this room is shaping up so well. 

I am going to relent on the shelving with my fabric and the homeschooling books. They would bow the shelves and I don't get into them too often so if everything else on shelves, they shouldn't be too big a deal.
Yes, our basement is just one storage room after another. It just has to be that way for we don't have but a small single garage which has to hold some of the larger knife making machines for Kirk's business. The garage also holds a few tools, a chest freezer, and a motor for Kirk's 1957 truck he hopes to restore someday.  It is a tight fit though we can fit the car in. 

Then there is Kirk's shop in the basement where he grinds and does most of his work. He does have a shop. It is just a small shed  where he forges. If you couple my self-sufficient pursuits, Kirk's knife making, and the fact that we don't have our own land outside of town for livestock and you see we need to store almost everything in the basement. That includes saddles, halters, bottles etc. for livestock who reside on community property designated for such.
 It doesn't stop there though because we also need a room for our garden's bounty and foods I buy on sale. Then there is the emergency supplies like water. You can't live without water and we definitely don't have enough for emergency purposes when you add in the livestock but some is better than none. Did you know that some states are now asking that there citizens prepare to live independently for two weeks or more. Gone is the 72-hour kits they once recommended for that was the average response time of the government in an emergency situation. The last few wide spread disasters have shown that there is no way the government can meet the needs of so many people in such a short period of time. (I wondered when they'd figure that out.) That is why we have started to create a more independent situation though we don't live in an ideal situation. You just do the best you can and that means a basement that is a not finished and used for storage.

All of these pursuits are crowding us out and someday we will have to move. We just haven't because Kirk's job is here and the land surrounding us is not sufficient for our goals. We could go another route all together. Throw up our hands in defeat saying well we just can't grow a garden, the soil is lousy. We can't raise livestock because we don't have land beyond a house in town. Or we could roll up our sleeve and do the best we can with what we've got and work toward better. 

This time that means getting organized before the garden has to be planted and the livestock babies hit the ground. Not a great deal is being gotten rid of despite going through every container with a cast away eye. I've sorted through these same containers many times before. So it isn't getting rid of so much as organizing that which we have so we know what we need yet to purchase and where it is so we can use it.   
My goal before the middle of May is the entire basement. I'm one room down and yes, this one is next. After that it will be a breeze to finish. That is if every week isn't like this week where I have the grand kids almost every day. Not Thursday -- maybe. Today has been interesting as we had the three older kids sleeping over night and the eleven month old dropped off at 6:20 this morning.
Then came noon. I got a phone call from the school. I scooped the four year old up from a nap and with the eleven month old on my hip headed to pick up the six year old because she is being sent home from school since the nurse suspects - pink eye. I noticed her eye was a light pink this morning but with four kids to feed and two to get ready for the school, I was just forging ahead. The six year old had traveled six hours to a dental appointment yesterday and then attended a school play until late last night before falling to sleep in her bed. I wasn't sure she just wasn't tired and had rubbed her eye.
The room I once thought would be our office is now their bedroom for the frequent over nighters. LOL Oh well, their mom has them now I've got to get ready for Cub Scouts. And I thought being a grandma would be so..... much easier than this. Oh well, I'm loved.

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