Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seeds Are On Their Way

Sorry, the laptop computer is down despite paying for a good virus protector. What's up? It is not like I go into the usual sites on the Internet, right? You've seen the things I research, now who wants to leave something on a site about Teff grain, seriously? Not that my computer's problem stems from there but what its problem is, is beyond me. Maybe it is sympathy pains as my daughter's also crashed recently. To that I say - quit it.

Yes, I have my husband's I can use at times but no photos saved and not the mobility that I've come to love. I do feel more business like sitting all upright and formal in a kitchen chair at a desk. Maybe it will help with the grammer and spelling I so struggle with -- probably not. If posts are a bit more erratic in coming, please stick with me, I have to share a computer now. I'm finding it is a bit difficult. It has dawned on me that that is where our four year old naturally comes by it. She doesn't share so well either. LOL It is more of a focused attention and a get the job done mentality rather than a MINE attitude. Doesn't matter though because it is still a struggle.

Today we will talk seeds once more. FINALLY, I finished up with my seed orders. Dealing with multiple companies is over stimulating for me. Silly I know but I can't handle it. It's a Autism things, so it took me awhile to narrow it down to just two orders. The price is slightly higher on the one than some other companies but rather than order from four or more, which would be the other option, I chose Annie's because it had everything the Irish Eyes Seeds company did not or was out of that I desired. ( I've ordered from Irish Eyes for years) That is eight items more beyond my original order and a few things I caved in on like popcorn and celeric which I've always wanted to try.

It is so hard to settle on only a few new things to grow. I was tempted to try sugar beet because you need more than one sugar source in self-sufficiency situations. Our bees finally died, the drought has taken its toll and they grew weak so that message hit home. Hence, the post on syrups from Birch and different types of Maples. I've read a tidbit of how they make sugar beets into the white sugar like you get at the store but most of the real info was lacking. I've not persude it because we don't have a cellar, hence, we can't replant a few beets the second year to grow seeds. No self-sufficiency there until we someday relocate.

Space is the huge thing we have a problem with and energy (mine). I have eight kinds of beans alone that I'm wanting to grow. Self-sufficiency pursuits can be a pain. Royal Purple because it is the first to produce; a green bean ,which I'm trying a new variety this year; and Kinghorn Wax which just puts on heavier and heavier yields at harvest time (the opposite of my present green beans). Plus, our multipurpose Dragon's Tongue. So far in our experiments with it we have eaten it fresh and in salads. The families favorite. Then we have cooked and canned it in a fresh state where it tastes like a green bean but doesn't have as pleasing an appearance. But we haven't had any of the dried bean at seed stage in soups. Too many pots on the fire so to speak. It's coming though as I've some in the basement to do.  

 We use Navy, Kidney, a black bean, and ten bean mix pretty exclusively with a few butter beans thrown in for our dried bean varieties. All bought from suppliers. Not grown by us. I need to grow them ourselves to up our sufficiency. Though other varieties are calling to me, LOUDLY, I resisted for one reason or another. In part some because they weren't bush type. We have lots of wind and lack of space so short and compact is the ticket. I did buy three kinds beyond Navy and Kidney. I've bought Calypso and Jacob's Cattle Bean, plus. Black Turtle. Still, eight kinds of beans will mean almost the whole garden is beans. I have a pretty good idea we won't be able to grow our entire bean need in our small garden since our entire property is less than a half acre which has to include a house and everything else, but if I know how and what kinds of beans to grow, it is a huge leap and then when we have the land someday, we will have only a small step to a larger crop.

Until then, I'll have to think of a rotation plan for them which incorporates a ten foot separation to insure no cross-pollination, even though the chance is only slight that they will cross. Anybody grow these varieties and have advice? 

Still, though I said I wouldn't, I'm increasing the garden size by taking up more lawn and putting in a couple HUGE wood boxes that had equipment inside at one time. I think I'll also use our old small metal oval water trough with all the holes in the bottom. I think I can get another one in similar condition. They could look tidy and yet produce more food in a different way. How about sweet potatoes, or melons that I've had a hard time growing? What's your vote? What should I put inside?

Now with all these seeds on there way, I've got to decide how to store the extra seeds. I'm thinking more and more people will be growing gardens as our economy struggles deepen. I want to have supplies for the future as a rush descends upon the few heirloom companies. Have you noticed how much more difficult it is to get the chickens you want? I have to order months in advance of delivery.

You can put your seeds in the refrigerator or freezer for longer storage. I use to use my refrigerator but I have too many seeds now. The freezer will keep them longer BUT you have to keep in mind that moisture will absorb and ruin your saved seeds in time. Nope plastic doesn't work for long as moisture will eventually work through it and I don't have any large glass containers. I would need a fair amount. I definitely don't have the foil options that are a commercial option.

I'm thinking using my seal a meal to suck out the air and hence moisture. This is plastic and then I would use another plastic container to put these bags in. Maybe not a ten year option or better that you can get from large seeds using the foil or glass in a freezer but wouldn't it be a step up? What are your thoughts?

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