Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Change Is In The Wind

I forgot to tell you. We named her Willow.
It has been snowing lately like you would think of as in winter not spring. Yet it is spring where we get our heaviest storms though not usually as many. We won't complain though because moisture in any form is a huge blessing. I take that back, not hail. That isn't moisture, it's simply damage.
Our area is in desperate straights. The antelope have eaten the sagebrush down to the nubbins and the ranchers have sold off all their bred heifers and much of their herds because there is so little grass. We depend fully on nature in this part of the country. There is no irrigation so if Mother Nature isn't nice, you loose your ranch. That is the spot many are in around us so these snows and promised rains in the future are much to give thanks to the Lord about. 
 I've been inside where it is warm while it snows and I've done a great deal of thinking. You may of noticed the frustration in my blogs.  Things have to change but just where can these be made is of course the question.

We have felt like we were spinning our wheels the last few years and we have been. It is time to move forward and forward means focusing more on our needs. In part that means putting some stock in the freezer. Yes, Matilda was strung up. While we were pushing snow with the tractor after the first snowstorm we decided that that was as good a day as any so the next three days were spent in the process. She was a huge disappointment because though she had gained a great deal in size, she was still lacking in the meat department. The fat that the previous owner assured us the Meishan were known for was missing too. I only rendered out two cottage cheese containers of Leaf Lard. 

And I had plans for that this next year. I was going to use a little more lard in cooking. In difficult days to come lard is more likely to be available than coconut oil in Wyoming so I thought I'd become for versed with it. What she had was thin and not much of it so I hurried and rendered it right away before it dried up as the carcass cooled.

And all that fat I was depending on for soap making wasn't there. I've always had plenty of fat in our Hampshire and other pigs for sausage and soap. Not this girl. We had lean sausage. Yes, 85 pounds of it because we did only four roast, no bacon, and no ham so that is where it came from. That was our experiment we decided on this year, different kinds of sausage and cooking with it more extensively. We'll never raise a Meishan again. The less expensive initial cost didn't end up being a bargain in the end.

As far as Cory here goes. We will see what difference raising a Corriente versus a Angus means. First we need a window of weather. He needs to hang for seven days and it not be so cold it freezes the meat and not so warm it decays. This needs done right away and so I'm watching closely the weather on the Internet. We don't have much time left.
 But for today, I'm going to work on the food storage room organizing it to a level it has never seen before. I have several freezers this week to also clean and arrange as the pig meat packages is simply strewn acrossed spreading it out to freeze more quickly.  
I've decided that I want to quit learning so many new things and instead spent time incorporate what I know into everyday living. In other words use my sourdough on a regular basis. Form a routine of making homemade bread. Make buttermilk and other dairy products consistently not just now and then. And get back to sewing quilts and clothes more often.
I've learned a vast amount of things in the last four years of blogging. The need to show and do has spurred me on to new heights. The problem is if I'm constantly doing new things, I have no time to do the same ole things. The same ole thing isn't of much interest to you my readers. But that is the place I'm at. I need to better incorporate what I know and form habits to grow. More and more new things means I never become really good that them. 
The other problem is that writing is a difficult thing for me as a Autistic person. You've noticed I'm sure. I'm constantly fighting to keep from putting my Adjetives in front of my nouns not behind them. My brain is so ADHD it forms fragmented sentences and skips from here to there without finishing the first part of a thought.  I can't spell worth a hoot and probably never will. Dealing with words is frustrating but write I did to improve.
 Three blogs a week was a release and a pleasure but it takes a minimum of twelve hours if they are light and without research. That means there has been twelve hours and more of other things not getting done. In a month that becomes a forty hour week or more. I need those hours to accomplish fixing up the house.
Change is hard. I don't think I can give up the blog cold turkey so I've decided to switch to once a week. Yes, I might slip in a few extras here and there as kids are born and of course I will show you Gracies's calf but I need those hours. So dear cherished friends, I hope you will understand. I need to change and in that change will be hours spent fixing up this house so we can move on.  

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