Monday, April 1, 2013

Kool-Aid Easter Eggs

We tried something different this year with our Easter Eggs. The colors were so... rich and earthy. I love them.
We died with Kool-Aid. I caught a snippet about this on the Internet but didn't really look in to it. I know, that is out of character for me but I have been swamped. With multiple dental appointments for our daughter's family and it being a holiday week, we had the kids every day this past week. To make things more interesting, two of them caught pink eye. Never a dull moment in the Rexroat household.  

So it was a good thing that over a week ago I had picked up some Kool-Aid. Exactly how to use it I wasn't sure. Not that I'm not familiar with Kool-Aid. Of course I am. I've died wool with it. A friend of mine use to dye her bum lambs with Kool-Aid. Yes, you read that right. Each of her bum lambs would sport a different color. Her grand kids loved it. Can you just imagine a yard full of lambs in pink, blue, orange and green bucking and frolicking. Admit it, your smiling. That is exactly why she did it.   

But though we use kool-Aid as a dye, we don't drink it. Doctors at the time of our son's birth said food dyes are hard on the kidneys and being that he was born with an enlarged kidney, we eliminated this product and others from our diet. 

Though it is banned from our insides what's it going to hurt the outside of eggs we will simply throw away? It was super simple. All you need is 2/3 cup of water and a package of Kool-Aid and voila, you have a beautiful, inexpensive mixture. I don't think we will ever go back to using a dye kit again.
One thing never changes with dyeing eggs, crayons. The youngest stays occupied chewing on one but he rest use them to keep areas of the egg from dyeing.
You draw your picture or words on a plain white boiled egg. I buy store eggs for this as we are just going to throw them away. Fresh eggs are used for Easter dessert such as angel food cake, and lemon pound cake with strawberries and whip cream on top.
Kirk being the master of crayon dye creations. Not that anyone of us takes it too seriously. One year for place settings he gave each member of the family their own egg and drew a likeness. It warmed up the conversation in a hurry with lots of laughter. The wax in the crayon keeps the drawing from being dyed and I suppose one could get really creative.
This year the kids decided that they wanted to paint on the dyed eggs. They had been with me when we had bought the paints a few weeks ago and wanted an excuse to use them.

After the eggs they started on the paper that we covered the table with and it was hard to get them shut down.
But there was more adventure to come. An Easter Egg hunt of course. This backyard has hosted one for the past thirty years. One in the dark with flashlights, some in the snow but no matter the weather or the age of our kids the hunt goes on.
Toni here I don't think has missed a year yet even though she is now taking a supportive role.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend.


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