Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Laundry and Linens, an Orgazinzing Technique.

 I'm in love. My daughter warned me I would be. This laundry set up is great. My husband made one for our oldest daughter at her request for Christmas and he finished mine this past weekend. She saw it on Pintrest. I took a peek after she commented about it. The  picture had two sets of these shelves. It is a rectangle box of plywood with wood or metal railings. Mine are metal being that is the preferred building material. Three baskets worth of clothes in the floor space of one basket. It's great! We used square baskets but I suppose you could use rectangular ones if you'd like.

Though I'm no architect, I have learned from them that when you are limited on space - go up. It is why sky scrapers were invented. With a basement full of stuff I knew though I went through every container and drawer, I'd still have to do more.  That is why we bought the shelves. We could stack the plastic storage container up higher and pull them out and put them back much easier insuring that this organizing method would stay that way. I see I'm going to have to buy one or two more shelves to get the task done.
The basement isn't the only area that needs cleaned. I need to tackle the upstairs too. What I've learned in this house the nearly thirty two years we've lived here is if you organize properly, it stays that way. My two linen closets for the most part do just that. I don't clean them out but every couple years. Mainly to go through things to throw out and wash the shelves.
This time I did a little rearranging between the two closets.
 The key to keeping things organized is the way you control your belongings. This holds true with sheets. Mine look like this every day of the week. The top sheet, bottom sheet and pillow cases are all together in one nice neat bundle to grab and go change the bed.This is particularly nice with children for if they have to pull out each component of the bed sheets, they will make a mess in a hurry.  

If you want to know how I do this, comment below and I'll do a quick post on it. I've tried rolling sheets, (this looks neater), and I've seen where some put theirs inside pillow cases, (this takes up less space and looks neater).  Keep in mind that how you fold your towels and sheets depends on how deep and wide the shelf is that it must fit on.
The other thing to keep linen cupboards and bathroom shelves nice is to have clear storage containers with lids that can be stacked. Remember up is the key to using as much space as possible. I love these old shoe storage containers. I've had them for years and you are seeing just part of those I have on the shelves. They hold all the smaller things like foam curlers for grand kids, extra razors and toothbrushes, shoe polish, hair cutting tools, and medical supplies.

Now after I get taxes done I've got the food storage room to do. I'm no expert but I've been working on creating a more controlled environment for year and I've learned a thing or two. I'd like to say I'm very organized but it is a process that you become better at but can always improve. The funny thing is that when life seems out of control. This is what I do. I organize cupboards. They are one of the few things I can control in life and looking at them just makes me feel better and more capable of handling the stressful worl around us.

What is your best organization method? I'm still struggling with paperwork and office supplies so if you've got some tips in tat area, it would be especially appreciated. .  

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