Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Same But Different

My tomatoes are up and started. I'm a couple weeks behind getting them planted but hey, not bad since most every other project is three months behind.

My peppers haven't appeared yet but I'm pretty impressed with the Siberia tomatoes --again. They just do really well here and once again they excelled. I put lots of seed in this one container because the seed package said 2008. How viable the seed were after five years I questioned so I didn't think too many would sprout. Low and behold I think every seed came up. One more reason to love them.  
 Yes, lots is happening around here. I might have been rather quiet this week but I have been busy.  This week was warm and I spent one day at the corrals working all day fencing and cleaning up but the rest of the week I've been in the middle of twenty projects. Okay, I might be exaggerating just a bit but not much. I washed the large throw rugs with the hose and hung them on saw horses and the clothes line to dry. I continued going through things in the basement. I'm determined to search through every container and drawer to better organize and look for things to eliminate.

I have squeezed in a little wool spinning and plying of that which I've already spun when I needed to sit and rest. My adrenals only let me do so much before they need recovery time. There has been another reason I need to spin. My grand daughter discovered the roving and thinks it is just the greatest thing for we....ll everything and she keeps running off with it to tie this up or drape around her neck or... or... or...Yeah, if I don't hurry and make it into yarn, there won't be any left. She tries too leave it alone but after a few days she just can't resist. It is just too wonderfully soft. She is a girl after my own  heart and I understand. It IS pretty wonderful stuff so I'd just best  remove the temptation.

The other reason I've been doing some spinning is for stress relief.
Stress abounds as we just learned of the town's intentions for the new livestock facility they want to build. Despite four years of talking to various officials, they haven't changed the core plan. It is going to be like having our animals at county fair every day of the year with different species of animals scattered all over the place and hay in the most inconvenient location possible, with everyone elses hay. Hm... wonder how much worse the hay theft level will be? 

And healthy well, you know how healthy county fair is with lots of the same species housed right next to each other so disease can spread like wildfire. My goat's tests just came back CL and CAE free. How will I keep that up if I'm surrounding by other people's goats?  In our present set up it is a  McDonalds farm affair with  a set area per person, left to the leaser to house farm animals of their choosing. That means I have sheep, horses, and only one set of goats nearby.

Imagine how badly the spread of  something like pigeon disease, or strangles will spread with all the horses housed next to each other. Before it was a hit and miss affair. There is no vacinne for these diseases and tons more even if you could afford vacines for every disease and  not kill the animal with all of them. The reason we raise our own meat, eggs, and milk is in part to avoid all the drugs a large operation has to use to keep many diseases at bay. With fewer diseases transfered between species, than within a species, a McDonalds farm is a healthier set up.  

At this meeting this week we kept hearing how much the town was doing for us, things we repeatedly asked them not to do, and how the facility will be the praise of everyone that sees it for everything will look exactly alike as we won't be allowed to bring anything but our animals. Not set in stone yet but for sure our fees will at least quadruple to keep the few animals Kirk and I have. We have already seen our costs sky rocket with the drought sending hay and grain prices through the roof. 

We are doing some deep soul searching. Plus, some scrambling on the computer and in our brains trying to come up with options. What we know for sure is we have to get our house fixed up a bit so it has the possibility of being put on the market and sold. A market already full of houses for sale. The reason the town says it needs the property our corrals and many others now sits on is the lack of places to build houses. How about the housing development just to the north of us. The developer is trying to sell the land for he still has empty houses of the few he built over two years ago. Then there is the land all around the golf course which no one has bought a peice of or the land by the newer townhouses but hey, the town needs more empty land just in case. 

Not that there weren't problems where we were and the town didn't have cause to be unhappy. It is a bit of a dump. We tried to be neat but didn't want to put too much expense into a spot the town has been saying for over four years that they were going to move us from.  The club leaders tried to force members to take care of animals and pick up their areas but was thwarted on all sides. The bottom line is, the town does owns the land and they will do with it as they please. We have been blessed to have our stock there as long as we have.

The truth is we probably needed this shove to get us off our duffs and prioritize getting things done and hopefully move on. The task looks huge but the good Lord willing, all things are possible. No matter what we manage to work out, in the next six months BIG changes are afoot.
But enough whining,  in working a little on the basement and focus on the laundry/sewing room, I decided to finish some projects that were cluttering up the folding table. This is one of the little quilts I had partially done and determined to finish. Hopefully it will be big enough for our four year old. She still hasn't gotten her three year old nap quilt from Grandma. It was so... much easier to get things made for the grand kids when they weren't at my house three to seven days a week. In fact, they are snuggled in their beds right now after eating salad, and fresh sourdough English muffins but we'll talk about those muffins later.  

I still have another row to put on each side of this quilt as I've determined that it is a bit narrow for the length and of course I need to bind the edges. It did come in handy Friday for I had the two youngest grand daughters. I knew the baby was teething and I hoped having my machine at the table, I could sew some on the quilt while she played beside me on the floor. That happened a few times but mostly she sat on my lap punching buttons on her toy phone or playing with an empty thread spool. The sewing was slow but at least I got something done for being up and about just wasn't an option she was allowing me.  
The other thing I finally got done was making vanilla again. It wasn't until late tonight but I told myself  no matter how late, it was getting done. As Kirk walked by I commented to him that I was doing it a bit differently this time, he replied, with a laugh in his voice, "Of course you are." Am I that predictable? Probably, but I'd found a new method to try. Not much different but the recipe called for heating one cup of vodka to three split down the center and in half vanilla beans. My other recipe you don't heat the vodka. We'll see if it speeds up the process any. I'm am running low on vanilla and this needs to age at the very least two months. I prefer three. It is about time to make lotion again too. I've been cultivating aloe vera to add this time. Once again I'm doing things just a bit differently.
Talking about differently I've got to tell you what I accidentally did to the sourdough English muffins but that will have to be another post for my eyes are about to give out on me. It is rather late and I've had a full day, painting the new addition to the laundry room. (Bless my sweet husband, he whipped it up for me today.) (I'll show it to you after it dries), mixed English muffins not quite according to instructions by mistake, quilted a bit more, and yes, took care of grand kids.  

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