Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wool Dryer Balls

Don't know what is up but I've lost my post twice so this will be short for fear of typing a big one again and loosing it for the third time.
With posting less often I have a little time to browse on the Internet. I saw this post about wool dryer balls.


Since I've bought the plastic spiky balls twice and I'm down to one, I figured making my own sounded pretty good. Wool yarn is a renewable resource in my house. And all those little bits and pieces left over from knitting projects or samples I'd spun to see what the yarn would look like needed a home. This sounded like just the thing.

I wasn't prejudice, I used commercial and homespun alike in the same ball. We'll see how that works out. The one thing you have to be careful of is super wash wool. The scales have been scraped off and that is what allows the wool to felt. That is why super wash can be put through the washer and dryer without shrinking up to gorilla armed children's size.

Some of these balls have four colors as the center is one and then wrapped around it is another and another and well, you get the idea. I did leave two white on the outside for quite a few layers because these are my white clothes balls. Yes, I accidentally dyed a few whites pink thinking the pink top had been washed so many times surely it would leach color into the few whites I needed washed. WRONG!!! So I'm not taking any chances with these wool balls because I have a few hand spun socks and hats that for ever after seem to leach a bit of color.

I'm hoping with the hot/hot water and felting process this will be remedied. My problem is I don't have a washer set up like this lady does. Mine is front load with only a hot/cold setting as the most severe. I think I'll put these balls in boiling hot water in there nylon and boil for a while before subjecting them to the dryer. I will probably do a little hand felting also.

Anyone game to try this experiment with me? I'm curious to see if these wool balls work as well as the plastic ones for they did indeed lower the drying time of clothes significantly. That means dollars and time saved.

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