Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Daisy Oh Daisy, I'm in Love!

Come on in. There are more babies and oh, are they CUTE!!! 
 This is one of Daisy's twins. Yes, our big girl had two. I love his markings. He is very striking and classy. I also think highly of his conformation. We shall see how he looks in a couple weeks. His brother is an almost identical quintuplet to Mercedes's kid, and Meagan's three. Pictures saved me when I became confused one day between Mercede's and one of Daisy's. I panicked because I wasn't sure who was who's until I looked back at the photos I'd taken.

They have different dads and it would have been a problem registering them but thanks to the photos I could make a definite identification. I found another great reason for taking pictures too. I'll tell you about it later when I have time pulling them together and putting them into folders for each animal. I've learned a great deal looking back.

One of those photos was of Daisy as a kid. There is definitely a resemblance in her and her son.  
This is the gang that Daisy looks after. In all the confusion of cleaning sheds, building fence, and birthing two new moms, Mercedes being late at night. I had to throw her and her little one in with Daisy and hers and well, Mercedes didn't get it figured out well. She won't claim hers. I could of remedied it but with chicks arriving, grandkids, and struggling to fence and clean sheds in preparation for kidding, it didn't get done.
I just love Daisy for she just said, "Oh, what's one more." and she mothers along with hers. I put Mercedes on the milk stand several times a day for her little buck to nurse off of her. Mainly because she has tiny teats and is hard to milk. Daisy had a rough start and didn't have enough milk for three, actually she almost stopped all together but is now producing enough for all three. I'm guessing Mercede's will soon catch on that the tap is much closer than the milk stand and will latch onto Daisy's.
I know I told you but seriously, I am head over heels in love with this doe. Despite the tremendous amount of stress she has caused me, and whatever the ADGA linear appraisal judge may says in August, she's my favorite.
This is Chicory's daughter and the one that had the neck spasms. She also had some trauma the day after she kidded. She had the twins all right by herself but twenty-four hours later she went into hard, hard, labor again. You know the laying flat out and pushing for all she is worth kind of thing. Well, by then her cervix was closed, I double checked, and I had no idea what was going on. With grandkids at the house, scrambling to clean sheds, building fence to shift critters around, setting up for chicks that came in the mail, the poor dear had to wait in pain for a few hours before I could dash away to the vets, an eighty mile trip. There I picked up some Lutelyce and some Dex which eased the pain and put her in regular labor again.
You are probably think I'm nuts but the shot was to open her up again and make sure she had fully cleaned out her afterbirth. What it did though was recycle her hormones and low and behold it eased her labor greatly and then she stopped. I was getting pretty worried for her milk had stopped flowing and I was afraid I was going to loose her and have no doe at all.
All is well now and I don't care that she has given me a few heartattacks.  How often do you get a doe that at one years of age, having never been milked before, will stand in the middle of a pen and let you milk her  --or suckle babies without moving a muscle? She is precious and will come up to you patient like and wait to be petted, "No hurry ,"she seems to say.
With her nice udder, having twined on her own, feeding two kids and mothering another which she would feed if he asked, how can you not be in love? Yeah, she's a keeper.
So the count is six bucks and no does. Madeline, is our last one to go and the only hope we have of having a doe. I'm okay though because then I won't have to decide who goes and who stays like I would have if there were plenty of new does.
Stay tune, I've still got the kitten story and tips that I gave the neighbor about watching to see if a doe was close to labor. Each doe is unique and often each pregnancy but there are a few things I can tell you that help. Plus I'll include conformation changes that are a part of birthing, and those that are permanent to a doe after she has kidded. 

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