Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring, a Brenda's Photo Challenge

I decided to join Breanda's Photo Challenge today. It has been a long time since I have participated but here I am back once more. The theme is "What I Love About Spring."

Well, you can't call it spring if you don't have robins annoucing it and so my first picture is of a robin in our apple tree.  Sorry, this is a last years photo as you can see because our apple trees have no leaves at the moment. We just got through with several snow storms.

 Lilacs of course mean spring and I have this kind of exotic breed of a lilac bush in the corner of my yard and it blooms later than the traditional ones. The leaves are more slender and the flowers just a bit different but it smells the same - wonderful.

I'm gearing up for dandelion bouquets. I've grandchildren you know so it won't be long and they will be bringing me chubby fists full.
But for me the biggest sign of spring is the baby animals arriving by the dozens. These are our neighbors sheep.
And these are our baby chicks that just arrived yesterday. You always know when they are happy because they are quiet. LOL
Kittens appear tucked here and there in the sheds as the barn cats deliver one batch after another. Three tabby kittens were just born the day before yesterday and two siblings are claiming them. Check back later and I'll tell you the funny story but I've got to hurry and finish this feed the chicks and do some fencing. 
 I discovered  the kittnes when I went to clean out a shed to put Meagan, one of our goats,  and her her kids in.  
As if our corrals weren't popping enough with babies arriving telling me it is spring then the wildlife that are so plentiful in this county will. This is a Pronghorn antelope and her two fawns who are grabbing a fortifying snack.  Sorry last year photo too as the fawns are just beginning to arrive and are tucked back well away from people.

So there you have it, Spring!!!!

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