Friday, May 24, 2013

Twins, Born Last Night

When you think Nubian,you think long droopy ears.
Our girl Madelyn definitely excells in that area and she passed those ears on to her kids. Yes, she had twins last night, a buck and a doe. They are small but so is she. Probably normal sized for a yearling but since she is the smallest of our does which have a tendency to be large for yearlings, she seems extra little. I told myself before she was born that I'd keep a doe from her if it was a nice one. Now I'm in a pickle.
 I think Mercedes is prettier than Daisy but Daisy had the nicest looking bucks of every ones and they were two peas in a pod so that means consistent. Not a nice one and a ugly one which often happens. Daisy is a much better momma. Duh, she is raising Mercedes buck. Yes, partly my fault for not taking the time to mother them up better but things were intense at the time. Meagan is staying though she is a bit flighty and you have to take extra time at first to get her to take her kids because she is the backbone of the milk production feeding two kids and giving us a half gallon to 3/4's a day while her bucklings grow fat. Madelyn has the best conformation but we shall see about udder so who goes? Definitely the buck Touch though he is one huge sweetheart. We now have three of the five does out of him. And we really both like Starbuck though he could breed to everyone but his mother he is still small and is that a smart decision? Oh the difficult decisions one has to make. I know I'm going to put together a list of pros and cons for each doe and we shall see what comes of it.

As for the buck. I'm not sure what he looks like. He is always scrunched up and weaker by far than his sister. I always bottle feed the first few days while they are on there momma. Several times a day I go down and encourage the kids to suck and then I bottle up some milk and try and gorge them making sure they get lots and lots and lots of colostrum. Volume is the ticket to jump starting kids and if I have to rob milk from another doe who's kids are well on there way I do. If I can get these kids drinking a large amount of milk from the jump start they will gain strength faster and latch on to their mom more often. That means a larger, stronger kid with the stamina to better withstand what ever the weather throws at them. Yesterday it was wind gusts up to the 60mph.

Now it is time to decide which bucks to band and make weathers and get to photographing and advertising. This little doe's grandmother scored a 90 on the Linear Appraisal and her momma, Madelyn was the best kid produced that year from Little Moon's herd. Can't wait for Linear Appraisal this year. I've got high hopes for better scores. Not that they weren't good, 85 for my buck and does but improvement is what we are after.

Thanks for letting me share my excitement. Now it is Gracie's turn. She is so... big I don't know how she can get much larger poor girl and not pop. Our daughter found out that yaks usually go a week to two weeks early when expecting twins. It has to be twins. I wonder if they ever have triplets? Kirk is pushing me a little on which doe I'm selling. None I said as we may need every one of them to keep if we have a yak bum. Normally the cow will bum one as part of a survival instinct thing. If taken the time and you have a small area to house them in you can often get them to take two. We shall see what happens.

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