Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Got To Share

Busy day but I just wanted to tell you about something that happened. Sorry no pictures but I have really got to get to bed. It is late and I've had little sleep since my bed partner, our four year old grand daughter has been up the last two nights coughing her poor little lungs out. I'm afraid I might be coming down with it but how could I resist those cute little arms reaching out to touch me and sometimes the whispered words, " You there Grandma?" Yes, it is tough being little and sick. And where do the grand kids want to spend half there time when ill, at Grandma's of course. When our daughter came to pick up her sick daughter tonight, for just the night, (she will be back in the early morning) our youngest, who's one, was so excited to see that they were going in to Grandma and Granpa's that she beamed the whole way.  Then she laughed when she saw me. We do have such a good time together.

But others have been getting their share of babysitting in as Kirk and I have a great deal of fix er up work to do. Today I shoveled out a good size area and brought in the bricks to edge the walk way that will be rock that goes out the back garage door and along the back side. Kirk extended the hieght of the metal frame around the chimney stack that rises up from the basement and attaches to the side of the house. It is so we can bring in more dirt to slope away from the house. After thirty-two years of living here the dirt has sunk in a bit all the way around the house and that spells water running in the wrong direction so we are correcting that problem.

We also almost have the new front screen door up so all in all between cuddling with our grand daughter and doing chores we had a pretty productive day. Sorry no pictures. It is just a bit too much to get everything done but I'll try and get some up soon. As I write it is raining nicely outside. We were so.... extremely dry, it is nice to finally start getting some rains. I figured out how to send them our way. No, I don't do a rain dance, I simply put out the old paint cans in the back yard with the lids off to dry out so I can throw them in the garbage. It has rained three times in less than a week. So if you are a bit short on rain, give it a try. Doesn't work so well to dry out the cans but I'll take the rain any day over dried out paint.

What I wanted to tell you though was I used the rest of my potato flour today. I made country fried steaks out of some cube steak with garlic potatoes, milk gravy, and beans. Yum! but to thicken the gravy I used half flour and half potato flour. It added flavor and worked like a charm. The rest of the potato flour I used in the cinnamon raisin bread I made. I've just got a little more dried potatoes left to grind so hopefully my potato crop does well.

The end of the story that isn't told on the below link is that I found after putting the dried potato bits in the blender to break them up, it works great to then put them through the wheat grinder. For those of you who might of missed my post on making potatoe flour here it is. I figure the more kinds of flour I can make and use the more nutritious and versitile my cooking will be. Besides it makes great self-reliant prepareness.

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