Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing Dress Up

Fun at grandmas should be the title of this picture. Yesterday the girls spent the day with me and we had fun despite this little tyke above who has four teeth coming in and cries at the drop of a hat. She wanted to be held almost constantly while my four year old did also since she appears to be coming down with the pneumonia stuff that is going around. Her oldest sister had it and ran a high fever for eight days. Nasty stuff that is putting many little ones in the hospital.

So needing to occupy four quietyly, I figured it was a good time for a fashion show. It would delight the two older ones and the two younger ones could sit on my lap being entertained while I tried to also shoot photos. Just call me the contortionist.

 Just look at this big smile and you can see just how much fun we had.
 Who said pantaloons, a wool vest, an authentic sailor's hat, and a corn cob pipe intended for winter snowmen doesn't make an attractive outfit?
 This dress cost me only a few dollars at a second hand store. It was torn and I had to take it completely apart and remake it to fit this cuties's mom but it turned heads when it was done. It was part of a costume for the highschool play. With some peach fingerless gloves I'd made to match, hoop skirts, a fabricated peach lace fan, and the home-made pantaloons in the picture above, these girl's mom made a right attractive Southern Belle. The things you can do with a few sewing skills.
And a large number of potatoe chip clips. LOL I must have five or six of these things and they spend more time holding dress up clothes than actually on chip bags. The kids love them.

These cast offs and a pile more are hand me downs, parts of costumes I'd made from numerous plays our three children did from junior high on up, and things I've just picked up. When the girls were done they requested shoes. No, I don't yet have shoes in this fun stash. The oldest said to put in sensible shoes at the protest of her younger sister who wanted sparkly fashionable ones. I had to laugh, yes, these two are nothing alike.

I remember our two girls doing fashion shows at their grandparents house with some of these same clothes. Somethings never change and there is great comfort in that. As for the our four year old. She started to dress up in these clothes and found them huge. That's okay, she has a stash of dress up clothes of her own, just her size. Besides, she really didn't feel up to it.

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