Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flowers For Lice

 Found this little bleep on the news. "Pyrethrum, the active ingredient in Rid and similar over-the-counter products (A-200 and Pronto, for example), comes from chrysanthemum flowers that harbor natural insecticides called pyrethrins. Pyrethrins attack the nervous systems of live lice, but don't always work because some lice have become resistant to the toxin."

Makes you think doesn't it? Okay, maybe it just makes me think,' Would chrysanthemum flowers in a home-made tincture or infusion work just as well as RID? I'm familiar with RID in an intimate way. Many of us are. So since once upon a time our kids got lice from the neighbor girl and spread it to dear ole mom and it fried my hair until new growth replaced the damaged old, I'm not fond of the stuff. But I haven't needed RID either since that one time so IF I grew chrysanthemum flowers and IF I needed something for lice would a tincture or infusion of them work? 

And IF chrysanthemum flowers worked would the old fashion marigolds too? You know the ones that smell awful. They are good bug repellent for a garden. Hmmmm..... food for thought. Not that my brain needed more. LOL It is a wonder I sleep so well at night. Probably shear exhaustion.

Lest you think that my only experience with lice is human invader then let me tell you that I have dealt with the kind on angora goats too. It is a bear to get rid of them with all the tons and tons of hair they have especially when you don't have dunking tanks to soak them down in. I'm just guessing that is how they are treated for I don't really know. My experience was years ago with two little girls named Anne and Mary. A few years of those girls and I have enough hair to spin and spin and spin since my over all spinning hours is limited each year.  And though I doused those girls several times after hand shearing them they never did get completely rid of the lice. Yet not once did I get lice. Not once did our pigs, sheep, or dairy goats get lice. One gal who raises angora goats told me they are species specific. That is not what the vet said but then who am I going to believe - a long time angora goat rancher or a vet? Besides, experience had taught me the same thing.

My sweet mother-in-law picked a large five gallon bucket of chokecherries. You might recall my mentioning it. Word of caution, don't store your berries in a large bucket. The ones on top will look wonderful but the weight will smoosh those below. I was quite concerned since I'd made a long, long trip to pick them up but after reading a bit more about fermenting berries to make vinegar and how you could used bruised fruit, I decided I was fine and I went ahead and juiced them. The juice is in the freezer as I don't want to start that project until after we go to Mayo's.  Which has put me in a complete panic. I've go to get things set up so family can take care of all the critters, yard, and such. I've got to get as many fall chores done as possible in case hubby has a surgery. I've got to get all these things done and our truck broke down. Kirk put one part in but that apparently isn't enough. So on his next days off he is doing more work. I pray it works as we NEED to get our hay hauled. I refuse to do it with our trailer so I leave it up to hubby and he won't hardly haul without me. Maybe next year we can swing purchasing a different trailer. One that will haul the tractor on it.

As if these pressures weren't enough, a friend who is working for a contractor climbed on our roof and looked the house over; and said that no, we did not get by the hail storm as well as we thought. The insurance guy shows up on Friday and we shall see how much we can get to fix all the damage. Then of course it is dealing with contractors and getting what work we can do ourselves. Insurance is great to have but there is that big deductible and increase in insurance costs. Grrrrr......
Meanwhile, I'm thinking Christmas. There will be a very long drive to Mayo's and back and 5 to 7 or more days there. Never one to waste too much time I'm putting together work bags. Things I can do for Christmas while we travel and I wait on Kirk at Mayo's. Money will be tight and home-made will be our salvation with the holidays and four birthdays right after.

I'm hunting for ideas. I'm thinking nighttime for the grandkids. I ran to the fabric store yesterday and bought a yard of three different colors while we were in town talking to our financial advisor. When you don't have much money you have to plan for retirement years and years and years ahead. I'm making fancy pillow cases. I have flannel I bought last year for pajama bottoms and never got them made so they are in the planning stage again this year.

I'm starting a hat for the one year old. Our oldest daughter is coming this weekend and she can explain the stitches. I so can't read a pattern worth a hoot. I'm going to learn though. I'm hoping to finish the two sock sets I started last winter too while I'm gone.

I finished a hat for my hubby a couple days ago. It was hard giving it up. I love that hat already and all I've done is put it on my head a few times as I was making it to measure length. It is so.... soft and comfortable. The white is hand spun silk. The blue is silk and Merino wool. The hat should be super warm with this combination. You know cowboys always wear silk scarves around their necks for warmth. I have a pair of silk longjohns for warmth too. I'm a bit nervous about winter as it looks like it could get cold. They have forecasted for 2 to 3 weeks early arrival. The hat's stitch is simple knit and sometimes that is so.... nice to do when you need a no brainer relaxing project. And needless to say I've really needed some relaxing projects.  Excuse the lack of photos. I promise they are coming but yesterday I had all the munchkins and today I'm trying to do double time with just one grandchild. I've mowed the lawn, cleaned the chicken coop, and now I've got to clean house so I can get some sewing and paperwork done. Plus crowd in their some errand running and cooking. So much to do so little time.

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