Friday, August 30, 2013

Pie in Jars

Grrr..... I had this post all written last night and I lost it. With the eyelids refusing to stay open I had to call it a night and so up and at them. My grand daughter is by my side learning to crochet while I type and with the clock ticking we only have a few minutes before we have to heat some frozen sourdough waffles to get her off to school. I'd rather she stayed here and schooled here but alas, I have to send her off. In case you didn't know I home-schooled our kids.
Our oldest went to public school for a few years but despite her high IQ, learning wasn't happening so I took over with her teacher's blessing. He was sending me home lists of what he would be teaching next and schooling her at night equated to her leaping through achievement levels. Not fair though to school day and night so we pulled her out. The next child took a few classes such as welding and AG in highschool but it wasn't unusual to get a call from her teacher asking me to please come to the school and help her comprehend some information. 
Yes, our children have some learning disabilities, not IQ disabilities, and homeschooling afforded the best atmosphere in which to accommodate them and allowed them to flourish and go on to college with coping mechanisms. One of their disabilities is auditory processing major time. Our son reads lips to help compensate for his, background noises keep us from hearing fully what is said.
This sweet grand daughter had my memory disability and has struggle a bit in school. I'm reading a book called The Mislabeled Child which is about learning disabilities and how often ADH is diagnosed when actually it is a learning disability not addressed. The book is complex, as complex as learning disabilities but well worth reading. 
I'm marking ME, ME, ME frequently throughout the book. Since homeschooling isn't an option for the grands, I'm studying how to help them. I can see several issues with each child and I want them to have the best advantage on learning possible. You know how I love to learn and I want them to too.
My, did I get off track. Anyway, what I meant to talk about was these jars which presently hold pumpkin pie in them. It is something I saw on the Internet, pie in canning jars. I thought they were perfect for lunchboxes and I have to fix plenty of those for my hubby. I can make up a batch of pudding, pies, cake, or some other dessert and bake it in these jars and voila, single servings. Just what I need to remind myself I can't have a large helping. And it will be so handy as they are ready to take and eat. They would be easy to throw in the freezer too so if I know I will have a extra busy week, I can make ahead and Kirk will have an enviable lunch to enviable. The glass means less use of plastic and reusable. A win, win situation. So earlier this summer when I found a bargain I picked up a 12 pack of these half pint, straight sided, wide mouth jars. 
What I learned with this batch is to skip the grahmn cracker crust bottom and just fill them up with pumpkin pie filling. I didn't measure, I just added some pumpkin I had frozen, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and goat milk to taste and poured er in.

   A no brainer just occurred to me this week. Why I haven't been doing it all along is beyond me but I have lots of milk containers at any given time in my refrigerator and what milk is from what day is always a bit of confusion especially since others sometimes move them around. I've used masking tape but that's not so handy and then this thought dawned on me. Why not use wet erase or dry erase markers? I love it!!!! Now I know exactly how old the milk is and I plan on using it on my sourdough jars, my buttermilk jars, etc. , anything in a glass container.

The other experiment was baking artisan bread in loaf pans instead of a dutch oven. The bread is more uniform, less holey, and yet the taste doesn't change. I love it!!! Three success stories in one week. Now that is awesome. Let your mind wonder off to the side. You might just discover a new way of doing something, something great.

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