Friday, September 20, 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts but things have been beyond crazy. Pressures are building and I hope we get some answers soon. I have to do some work today making phone calls to find out prices and such for the contractor who is repairing our home from the hail storm in August. If I don't get quotes myself, the contractor is too short of time and will not complete the work this fall and will have to finish next spring. Their work backload is huge. Twenty-seven contractors in town all going crazy. The rat a tat tat is louder than Santa Claus's workshop in December. Meanwhile we are working on our own home repair and remodel plans. The front porch is nearly done and I'm going to start shoveling dirt and manure today to landscape around it so I can put in bushes. 

The corrals situation as to whether we have a place for our animals or not will be revealed Thursday. If they say we will move this fall, we will be in a world of hurt. They announced in the paper the move would be next fall but now I'm hearing this fall. We are financially committed to keeping the livestock and staying where we are.

Now if they say move move when we have put forth so much money and time to stay -- when the entire community is reeling from the financial costs and physical demands left in the wake of the hail storm-- when a number of the members of our livestock club have had serious accidents or serious health issues in the last two months (yes it has been a bit freeky what all has gone wrong in such a short period of time), then I will be beyond ticked. This community is in tough shape and to kick a guy when he is down is cruel and inhumane. Especially since the town has been talking about raising the rates 12 times what we pay now.

 The city representatives keep telling us they are doing us a service giving us what we don't want and what we can't afford. Am I crazy? They keep looking at me like I should be tremendously grateful but I don't feel grateful. Getting less for a great deal more is good? By what math logic is that? Must have something to do with the logic of filling 50 pound feed sacks that once held 50 pounds with 40 pounds of feed. Yes, the price per bag is less but you are getting less at a greater cost. Is the bag size suppose to be fooling us? I'm not impressed by this trend and I'm not hood winked either. I see the writing on the wall. Less for more and more control of our lives. 

Kirk is steadily getting worse and we soon head to Mayo's for who knows how long during the middle of this mess. We are working on finding a place to move and new work but alas, no answers yet. If it comes as we hope then that will throw things into an even bigger whirlwind. We just have to wait on the Lord and pray our efforts bring forth fruit.  Meanwhile I keep counting my blessings though frequent panic attacks keep interrupting.  Not something good on a women who is short of adrenaline. The problem is a lack of faith I know. Just when I think I have pretty good amount of faith then something like this crops up where our whole world seems turned upside down. Faith will just have to grow some more. Meanwhile I need to take up yoga to relax I think. Actually that is the plan when we are in Rochester, I've got some tapes I'm taking.

On a lighter note, my sweet in-laws did give me most of their bounteous grape crop, no they don't live in this pure clay soil or it wouldn't of been bounteous. I've juiced it and took all the other chokecherry juice and currant juice I'd done out of the overloaded freezers and water bathed them so they can now sit on my shelf. I have enough juice to do some major vinegar making when things calm down. Doesn't look like that will be anytime soon.

Since life has become such a challenge, we thought we had better stop, contemplate, and seek the Lord's guidance beyond our daily prayers. Yesterday we spent the day with the Lord in the temple praying and working for others to try and gain some perspective.

To get the house done enough to sell, and sell it in a stalled market at a good price, to find a place for the animals, even temporarily; to find a new job; to eventually find a place to live that accommodates our needs for the animals, a garden, and Kirk's knife business at a price we can pay; to find answers to Kirk's health issues. For those health issues to right themselves enough to continue on the present path means a ton of things have to fall into place and we alone can't make them happen. We can't be too stuck in our wishes either. We know that though we plan, search, and work, the Lord might have a different plan than the one we have envisioned.

We are seeking His will. In all this, where does He want us to go? What does He want us to do? With so much unanswered there is one thing I have no doubt of "I Need Thee Every Hour" as the song says and that "With God all things are possible."
And though I feel overwhelmed, I can't imagine how much more so many of those in the Colorado flood must feel. I think and pray for them often. Our daughter spoke of many who are holed up in the hills and are planning to stay. Heavy criticism has been aimed there way. I have to admire the sheriff who stood up for them. He said a number of them are preppers and they indeed are set up to function for six months or more. I'm curious to know if they have electricity or not. That would make a huge difference to us. We haven't gotten beyond needing electricity badly. Oh how I would love to know just how they have set their places up to be so independent? I want one of those. There is so much to learn and I pray we have the opportunity to have a place that we can better set up ourselves.

My brain can't help wonder, what if peppers were the majority, not the minority? What if instead of a nation of give me's, we would become a nation of preppers who could say, I have taken car of myself? What if we became a independent people, independent states, independent nation? Can you be totally independent? No, but enough so that your needs are much less, your burden on yourselves and others, much less and that means at an individual level, a state, and a nation. Most would be able to handle the disasters on their own two feet or team with others like these preppers who are rebuilding roads and dealing with their own problems.

Colorado's finances are in the toilet because of this disaster. Rightfully so in just rebuilding the roads and bridges alone. Then there are the citizens looking to them for help. Couldn't fewer of them be asking if they too were preppers? Some can prep more than others because of circumstances but can't everyone prep? I know of countries where people save a tablespoon of rice each meal to put away into storage and have a great testimony of the principle of preparing for tough times. Many have helped others because of this. If they can save just a tablespoon, can't we save much more?  

FEMA told me that it isn't a matter of IF but WHEN a disaster will strike. And most people will have it strike two or more times in their lifetime. Then why don't we prepare more? Is it because we expect someone else to hold the safety net? Is it because our government has done too much and now we expect it? I guarantee you that this nation will fall on it's knees. The few can not forever bare the burdens of the many. Where will you be when it does?

Got to go and shovel manure and dirt but I'll send you photos tomorrow of the front of the house that includes the new porch. It is half metal and half wood. Kirk doesn't like working with wood, that's why.

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