Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Basil Gone To Seed

First of all, thank you for all your prayers for the farmers and ranchers of South Dakota and other areas hit by the storm Atlas. I keep hearing heart wrenching stories from South Dakota such as the rancher who went looking for his sheep and hasn't found one alive as of last week. He has three hundred head. I guess pneumonia hit many after the storm and more were lost. They could use our continued prayers. Now on a lighter note. 
Basil, yum, yum! I didn't have time to fuss with mine so I let it go to seed. I can't imagine why, ha, ha. I learned Sunday that the grand kids were staying for the next few weeks. With 96 bags to get done by the end of the month, remodeling to do, and simply a busy life, I can't imagine why I can't keep up with a few herb plants but I can't. I rationalized that I was still progressing forward since I let the basil go to see. With
self-sufficiency being my goal I will need to know how to do this too so the learning goes on.
It is interesting how the leaf shape changes to a more slender form. Flowers spring forth from the stalks that sprout up. The green pods turn brown and little black seeds form inside.

I will have to keep crushing these pods between my fingers to release the black seeds and later I will use these seeds to start the plants all over again. I don't have a good place in this house for plants except in the living room window and that doesn't look nice when we are getting ready to sell the house. Hence, herbs and such in a window will just have to wait for the new place. One in which I have an eye out for just the right kind of sunlight exposure. 

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