Thursday, October 3, 2013

Huge Changes In The Wind

Since my life wasn't busy enough, I took on a contract to sew 96 knitting bags. Hear the sarcasm? My goal is to have them done and delivered by the end of the month. That way the store they will be in will have them for the holiday rush. And of course I will get my Etsy site up and running once more also.

Reason for the insanity, we need money. There are the medical bills of course and while they roll in we are remodeling the house.  Don't you always take on extra jobs while you remodel? LOL Couple medical bills, remodeling costs, and now moving costs and you have total insanity going on around here. 

We are determined to move and soon so that means we are putting the pedal to the medal on remodeling to get the house up for sale. I'll do the best I can with this blog but beware it is likely to change a bit for a time. Will I stop doing new things, hardly. I have been doing research on my resting time about growing fodder for chickens, hogs, goats, you name it. Basically it is sprouting grains. Won't likely be doing it immediately like I'd like to eventually but I'll still share my research, plans, and beginning steps and of course you can see the remodeling and such.

I started the yogurt and buttermilk cultures back up again and I've got plans to order a more tart yogurt culture for Kirk. Home-made will take on a greater need as we strive to save money for the remodeling and moving.

I believe I mentioned the bathroom is gutted. What a nasty job. The floor was glued down and had to be chipped up a small section at a time and then the floor sanded. The entire house is one dust bomb. Love to hire Mr. Clean, remember the guy with the bald head on the cleaning solution bottle in the old old television commercials? He could do the cleaning for me but alas, he's probably in a nursing home by now and he'd cost, so add clean house from top to bottom to my ever growing list of To Do's.  

This bathroom is NOT a repeat story of the other bathroom as the ceiling was also removed. We had a small mold spot that wouldn't go away. After gutting the whole thing we see it was mild but mold is a big no, no in this family of highly allergics. 

Ever taken a ceiling out? Interesting I have to say. I didn't know there was a light in the attic for one thing. My husband never would let me up there. Afraid I'd come down through the ceiling. My nickname is Grace and after all I did fall out of the truck a couple months ago when he had warned me not to. Yes, autistic people often have balance issues. I'll use that excuse anyway. Kirk drilled a hole big enough to put the broom handle through and while I help it up through the hole he climbed in the attic to scrape away some of the insulation. That stuff towers a foot and a half or more up there. Then he cut a bigger hole for it to fall through. We scooped it up into bags and stored it to put back on the new sheet rock ceiling. 

Another new insight is that there is no floor up there in that tight space, just blown in insulation on top the ceiling's sheet rock. Makes you realize just how important a good roof is-- roof leaks, ceiling comes down. Actually that happened one winter to two houses in town of the same pre-fabrication company. In a particularly nasty blizzard the soffit vents filled with snow and down came ceilings. That prompted a bit of redoing for us also as our insulation ended up blown away from the edge in our attic during that storm though not bad enough to fill the rafters with snow. We blocked some of the vents and then when they were replaced, fewer were put in on that side of the house where most storms come. One can't be too careful in a country where the weather has occasional tantrums.
Now we need sheet rock and cement board flooring so the tile can be put up. The set in bathroom tubs and showers might be easy but they aren't for us. Besides it just wouldn't do with wood and tile floors and granite counter tops. We bought the granite top for this bathroom years back on a super good sale along with a few other things we knew we'd need when we got around to remodeling it. Oh how I want a granite counter top in my new home even if it is just a section. I LOVE THEM!!!! The preboughts will help with costs but still nothing is cheap and there is plenty more needs buying.

If we want a chance of moving within a few months we'd better get with it and I'd better get to sewing.

Snow predicted to be up to 12 inches after it rains today. That is snow with 40 mile an hour winds. You seldom get the one without the other around here. What happened to fall? If you know could you send it our way, I badly need it right now. This is not our first snow as we had several inches that stuck and greeted us last Thursday when we came home from Mayo's. Surely winter can't be here already.

Snow does means a crackling fire and baking time to fit in with everything else. I've got applesauce to make with a box of apples sitting on the kitchen floor calling, "Get me done, don't forget me". The future is looking like I'm going to have to become a pro at freezer meals for a while too. Breakfast, lunch, and supper. Interested? stay tuned. Or chime in on ideas. I'm going to need them. Hopefully it won't be for too long but who knows, possibly a few months.  Stay tuned as I figure out how to create home-made versions that don't bore us to death with repeats. Yes, big changes are in the wind. 

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