Sunday, October 6, 2013

Snow Storm

 Look what gift mother nature brought October 4th. Interestingly the hail storm hit August 5th. Let's hope nothing new comes our way December 3th. This is proving to be an interesting year. A big reminder of who is in charge. If you haven't guessed, it isn't us. As I watched the leaders of our church today on General Conference the words "Storms are brewing all around us. Look up." struck me most poignantly. In the Lord we find our peace and guidance. The next speaker told us rather than solve our problems Himself the Lord wants us to exercise faith that we might learn to rely on him and become His partner.
We are definitely going to need a partner to get everything done and make wise choices in the future. And we are going to need the Lord's strength. On the fifth we ran out. After shoveling this heap of snow away from the walk and driveway, we piled into the hesitant truck, who didn't really want to go anywhere, and headed for the fire hall. Why there? You know the first roads they clear are around the fire department. And we had ruled out walking the mile and a half. This was a shorter route, not short.
Don't know just how many inches we received during this blizzard but in the town forty miles away they keep records and stated 15 inches. In Rapid City, South Dakota, three hours away, they said 19 inches. This breaks the old record of 1.4 set in 2005. Yes, we have had worse storms but the 4th of October - never. Now the end of October is another story.
We parked and watched a backhoe plowing a narrow path through large drifts just where we wanted to go. We studied the trail and decided it was a good temptation for someone to get mighty stuck. Even though the backhoe driver, whom we know, assured us we could probably get through, we declined. Even if we got through on this road, there was another heading south we had to traverse and we know how deep the drifts get there. Sometimes you just don't like surprises like getting stuck. Maybe that wouldn't be a surprise.  
Before we had time to strap on snowshoes, someone did pass by us and sure enough got stuck. They finally gave up and abandoned the truck to walk out for help. Beside the stuck truck, just off the road, stood another four wheel drive with its ------ oh man, I forgot the part again. You know the one that goes POP really loud when you are four wheeling and you know immediately what it is. I can't think of it but if it has happened to you, you know what part I'm talking about and when it goes POP, you go nowhere.
Funny how you hit fifty and the urge to four wheel isn't as strong. The thought just makes you tired. LOL
So though snowshoes would be lots of work too, it wouldn't involve the frustration of digging out and the possibility of damage to the truck. We need it badly right now and just don't want to take the chance of ours going POP.
 Got to tell you, I was feeling pretty smart even though it wasn't my doing. See, I'm not very humble. When the still small voice last year said buy snowshoes, I did. Kirk refused to allow me to buy him a pair. I'd just used the yellow plastic ancient ones from Kirk's folks that hung on our garage walls for years and years and years when the prompting came. I can see why he doubted. He hadn't just used snowshoes and he probably wasn't hearing voices. My daughter must of heard them too because together we bought two Red Feather shoes at a super bargain because it was the end of the snow year.  
Once again the Lord has shown his infinite wisdom. I just wish I'd listen more often.
See the claws on the bottom of the shoes? Love them as they really grip the snow and allow me to climb right over the tops of the steep four foot drifts with nary a slip. I did have to roll over the top of a couple drifts though as I'd taken my shoes off to climb fence and rather than buck the drifts I rolled. By this time Kirk and I had done our chores and two others and were on our fourth set. A little roll in the snow felt nice and cooling my steaming body. I was tempted to stay there in my state of exhaustion. Didn't know if our neighbors would make it to feed, water, or milk there critters the roads being what they were. Plus, a couple of them have health issues.
After sewing until midnight and stopping because I couldn't get the story of the two men in different fields working on their tractors out of my head. After midnight it is the Sabbath. The story goes that two neighbors were working late in adjoining fields. The one knew the other to be a worthy member in the LDS Church so he kept an eye on him and planned to stop when he stopped for he had forgotten his watch. The other neighbor was sorely tempted to keep working on through the night. There was so.... much work yet do be done but deciding he needed more the blessing from heaven he turned off his tractor at precisely 12. Later at church the watchless member commented that he knew he could count on him.Oh how glad he was that he had obeyed. 
But why couldn't I get this story out of my head? Who was I going to lead astray? My husband was asleep in bed. Yet, at precisely 12 
 I turned off my machine and went upstairs to bed.
Sleeping beauty woke me at five to take him to the bus stop for work. Unfortunately some jobs you just can't get out of on Sundays. I planned to take the truck to the corrals afterwards as the snow would have been crisp. Not so likely to slide me into paths of deception. Okay, maybe that was a little over the top but slushy roads full of snow have a tendency to take you where you don't want to go. Not being able to see beyond my headlights at such an early hour, I bucked small drifts and tried to stay in the narrow tire grooves until the necessary turn down the lane to the corrals. I was wishing I had not come at all. The beginning looked easy on the south bound road but sin often does and I could see drifts ahead. I backed out and four wheeled it back to the fire hall and home to safety. Yes, I could find a pretty good sermon in my morning and evening's adventure.
I waited until daylight and started hiking, my snowshoes slung over my shoulder. This nice little path you see before you had hidden pitfalls, ones that sank me knee deep two different times before I decided that the snowshoes would made more sense than breaking my neck.

The drifts at the corrals up our lane were no longer four feet, just three and so I would have had to find a place to park the truck and hike in anyway. Then I would have missed the morning light and meditation. Have a wonderful Sunday evening!

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