Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Rant and Some Research Into Whitening Clothes

First of all I need to rant just a hair bit longer and then I promise I'll get to the good stuff. If you don't want to hear it skip to the pretty line of flowers. I get off the subject there. Talked to my big sis who has been a school teacher for a long time. She said the teachers stood up in their school and refused to switch from program to program in math and so they teach Saxxon math though the rest of the school district does not.

This program works and though she has to tweak it for a few individual kids the success speaks for itself. The program is heavy on review. Each lesson has repetition from lessons before besides the introduced concept. Each child is gradually taught up to four ways of doing addition, subtraction or whatever the lesson is on allowing the child to choose which ever method works best for them. Love the fact that they see people as individuals.

Oh how I remember doing nonsensical math as I called it because the teacher didn't know how to do it any other way and by George that was the way it was done in the book and that was the way it had to be done - NOT! When I later discovered there was a understandable way for me to do a math concept I became very resentful but no longer felt dumb. School was hard enough for this Autistic girl let alone when it was made purposely more challenging due to subpar curriculum and a poor education on the teachers part. Luckily I discovered I was actually quite smart but not until I had gone through a suicidal period in high school which no one knew about at the time.  

I wish I had teachers like my sister as she really works to reach the individual. We each have a learning style that includes handicaps and strength. Playing on the strengths and routing around the weak areas while strengthening them is what a teacher should do not just know how to parrot the lesson. To teach denotes a understanding on the students part. Do you know what age the brain has developed fully to be able to read? Three years after the school has already taught reading which can cause learning disabilities because it is taught too soon. A great struggle occurs when it would be a simple task if timing was even considered instead of a greater income for the school. 

Which did you know that set bed and nap times as a child hard wires the brain so that the child will have a much greater success later in school. Of course the set times are also important in grade school but set sleep times are no longer effective when the brain has fully developed.  How come these tests on learning have been totally ignored by public education? Seems like a huge oxymoron to me.

A child is a child no matter where in the world they live or when. The program I used to teach our children to read was of course Synthetic and came from the fifties when I was born. The needs of the children then and now to learn to read and do basic math haven't changed. Our oldest daughter spoke of some great things being done in France. Why don't we check that out?  Learn from other's successes and failures and we won't have to make so many of our own. Why do we condemn so many to failure?

So though it probably won't do any good as all those letters my sister has written to her legislature have not, I am going to write to our state's secretary of education and have my say. 
Thank you for your patience during my rant. Now to tell you that I am in bad need of starting everything again. My lotion is gone, my dishwasher soap jug is empty, my laundry detergent is down to a half a cup, ( I have been using it for stain removal and bought a box from the store.) and of course the buttermilk culture died and about everything else. Life has been a challenge with so many demands but we did see a lovely place for sale yesterday with phenomenal views of the mountains, fruit trees, raspberries, strawberries and a barn, oh yeah and a house so we shall see what we decide to do. Kirk has a couple weeks off to work on our house coming up so we have a chance of getting the it on the market soon. 

Meanwhile I really need to get my supplies built back up before he comes home and grout the bathroom, sand the trim etc. etc. etc.  But still I need to squeeze in making a few things especially the laundry detergent. I am in love!!! For a stain remover I've used it on chocolate, grease, punch, a child's not wipes so well underwear and it works like nothing I've ever used before.

One problem. The whites are a bit dingy. I like my sparkling white. You know exactly what I did. Off to the Internet I went and I came up with this.You can add up to a cup of washing soda to your load.You can soak your whites in one cup of lemon juice. (Sounds rather expensive unless you have a lemon tree and can home can it.) Another thought on this is that lemon juice weakens fibers in clothing, especially cotton so this option doesn't seem good and others have said this doesn't work too well. So this one is out.
Hydrogen peroxide is a killer of mold and mildew, exactly what is the difference between those two? Anyway you have to soak your clothes in a diluted solution for a while before washing. In my hurried schedule I'd rather skip that step. Hang in the sunlight which also kills germs by the way but he temperature is freezing out side more times than not so though freezing clothes has its advantages I don't have the time for the process.

I did find this rather off the wall comment on one site which intrigues me. A gal suggested generic aspirin. 3 to 4 tablets per load. I've never thought that whites get a headache but maybe there is a lot of pressure in their job. I know white on me doesn't stay white for long. This experiment sounds just too fun not to try. I'm strange I know but never ever bored. Don't have any aspirin right now but I'm going to get some in the next few weeks.

Another gal on a site said boiling whites on the stove does not weaken fibers and does wonders for whitening. That sounds like a desperate measure so I'll skip that one for now. I have boiled clothes on the stove before years ago and I will attest that it does help clean them.

Others say vinegar helps and softens clothes too. I tried this on a load of towels which I have yet to fold so I'll let you know how this worked. I'm sure the softening is due to the softening of hard water if you have it so that could be a hit or miss deal. But here again is another reason I need to learn to make vinegar. But not now though it does make my mind wonder to the apple trees, cherry trees, and plum trees on the place we saw. Lots of vinegar materials there. I bet there are some chokecherries around by the creek down the road too.

Now if anyone can tell me how to get a nights sleep out of this body I'd love it. Go to bed at 9 or 9:30 and I'm up at 3 to 4 in the morning. 10 or 11 o'clock and I sleep until 4:30. Almost two months of this and I can tell you the bag lady has arrived and she is going to look like a sloth soon if she doesn't get more sleep. I don't have time to sleep but I really don't have time not too.  

For now I had better start cleaning, grouting tile, and decorating for Christmas as I deep clean a room. The house needs to look GOOD this holiday. First I think I'll go and have a pineapple cookie. I'm on a soft cookie binge. I made boiled raisin cookies also to take to my hubby when we looked at houses yesterday just to tell him I'm thinking of him. He's back to work today after just one day off.


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