Friday, November 1, 2013

Broken Silence

                            Happy Halloween --belated!!
First of all thank you oh thank you for your patience. Things  indeed have been rough around here and that is why I haven't blogged. My husband will move this weekend in with our son and begin his new job. We are remodeling the bathroom and watching our bank account shrink to nothing while the truck keeps breaking down and we try and get this house up to snuff to sell. I'm sewing every spare moment trying to get my contract done. 

Needless to say I'm behind with all that needs done as the three older grand daughters have been living with us for the past three weeks. They left last night. Yes, my days have been full and beyond with running back and forth three times a day to the public school, to ballet which I finally had to give up on, homework, snacks, meals, games, and yes, livestock chores, canning tomatoes, canning apples, canning milk, and sewing. Didn't see housework in there did you? Not much of that got done, just laundry and keep things picked up.
Did you know that if you put fish net stocking over your face and sponge paint it will look like scales?

                                                I didn't.

Our oldest daughter baled me out last weekend and came to help create Halloween costumes for the kiddos. We are in debt to her. Through this all I did prove to myself that the same kids who don't pick up their clothes or anything else, and fight in one home can be placed in a different home and they will voluntarily get up in the morning, get dressed, make their bed, brush their teeth, and hair without being told. As a reward I always had clean clothes available, which they chose the night before after we consulted with the weather channel. I had a tempting breakfast waiting them as they rose that filled the house with a wonderful aroma. And yes, lots of love abounded in this home.
This hair accessory is called a fascinator and it does definitely fascinate people. I put the fascinator more on top of the mermaid's head for the school party and the raffia draped down into her face giving a seaweed like look. The kids in her preschool couldn't quit ogling it. This black widow creation from a Styrofoam ball cut in half, yarn, pipe cleaners, and felt was actually quite fun to make.
This sweet grand daughter decided on a Renaissance costume. We had the pretty dress in the costume box I keep for dress up. I whip stitched it shorter by five inches, took it up in the waist and sleeves and it kind of fit. Our oldest daughter added the ribbon crisscross and voila, a thing of beauty. Her momma bought some gold and blue twist braid and we told her to check out the button isle for jeweled buttons and we had a nice circlet for her hair. Kirk made the lyre, said just like the one that is a fib  but is a musical instrument of that time period. It is made of paint sticks, cardboard, and string.  Our oldest went online and let the kids watch and listen to a lyre played. Education is intertwined into everything we do. With the kid's mom buying a few things to make the smallest ones outfit it all came to about 15 bucks since I try and keep a stash of things in a craft box. One box of this and that's. I'm not a crafty person. If it can't be used like a wool hat, I'm not interesting in making it. 

 Children are influenced more by example than words. If you want to change your children, then first change yourself. What is important to you will be evident and if you have EARNED respect, your kids will aim to please. Want the kids to clean up their rooms, then clean up yours. Don't make tasks hard or over whelming. I've got bins under the kid's beds to sort toys into and routinely throughout the day they know to pick up at certain times like an hour before bedtime. Once a day leaves just too big a mess to want to tackle. It would be like leaving a whole day's worth of dishes to be done at once. Before bed when things are picked up it is play time with Grandma again. We do puzzles, draw, play card games, etc. 

 I have toys up in the top of the closet that are small and they know if they want to play with the beads or Legos they have to make room for them so they won't get lost and they pick up the toys first before asking. They have to pick up before the art supplies come out, the Play Do, the paint, the markers, etc. and because Grandma and Grandpa's house is the fun house where we plan adventures, they do.  

I got up each morning way before the kids and began working. The kids went to bed and I kept working. The grand kids said they wanted to help because we did so much for them.

We indeed had fun. We flew kites, played ball, blew bubbles, played cards, and read, and read, and read stories or listened as they read them to us.  Kirk's and my goal was to show them a life with Christ in the center so yes, we ended the day with Bible stories. My siblings and I attribute who we are to our grandparent's influence. No, I do not believe grandparents role is to spoil. I believe they are here to change lives.  

I tried new things while I was silent. Four new recipes were a flop. My husband said to quit and just keep making them up , they turn out better. Oh how that man makes me laugh. I designed new project bags in my head after researching, I planned Christmas - now to get it on paper. It will have to be mainly home-made as money is tight. How will I have time?

But mostly I've just hung on for dear life. We have been praying that God would shine a little light on all the confusion surrounding us and help us to know what we can and can't do when so much needs done all around us. We just can't afford to fix everything up to bright shiny and new on the house. There are medical bills, vehicles breaking down, and family problems all around us. How does one survive without faith? Knowing that God knows the answers and has charted a course is all that is keeping us going.

 One huge concern. How do you move the Rexroat's at a moments notice after the house sells?  We have been in this house 32 years. It is full to over flowing. Kirk's equipment fills part of the basement, the garage, the small shop outback. It includes many things weighing over 500 pounds and two trip hammers weighing in at 2000. We have livestock, a tractor, and, and, and, and. Yes, we have thinned and are still thinning. I'm packing up things and thinning once again. Not finding a lot but a bag or two per room is helpful. We can't move quickly and still work. There is just too much stuff. 

How do you buy a place when you've poured everything into this one and it isn't sold? How do you stay financially afloat? Today I'm going to seek answers as a place we've looked at came down in price. It needs work, lots and lots of work and is still pricey for us but oh how nice it looks self-sufficiency wise.

I'll just keep praying that the Lord will grant us wisdom as we charter a new course.

Sorry if the story within a story confused you but that is the state I'm thoroughly confused and overwhelmed. Hang tight though because for sure exciting things are ahead.

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