Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I've Lost My Super Woman Cape

The list of to do's is huge. We are making progress on all fronts except house cleaning. I vacuumed. I might clean the bathroom tomorrow. The kitchen floor hasn't been mopped in three weeks and for sure my Good Housekeeping seal is lost. Yes, the girl who keeps a neat house has lost her super woman powers. It must be that I can't find my cape. It must be lost somewhere in the wash. Oh well it was too small for me anyway. LOL Ever noticed that stress makes you gain weight.

This too much to do has meant setting priorities. Today's was to go town to buy the cabinets for the bathroom, the toilet, the towel bar, faucet, etc. etc. etc. for the remodeling project. They will sit for a short time as it is now my turn to work on the bathroom. I need to grout the tile and paint. But this week Kirk and I are taking a quick reprieve other than he did the ceiling today. We both are working on making some extra cash. He knives and I the project bags.

You see between the expensive bathroom supplies, the groceries, and a little fabric for a couple new project bag designs I'm going to try, and of course a few (very few) Christmas decorating items, I blew my way through a thousand dollars today. The bulk being the bathroom needs. Yes, maybe I didn't need to buy the Christmas items today but they were 40 percent off and I'm going to have to decorate the house to the nines. About the time our house will be ready for the real estate market it will be time to have it decorated for Christmas. I want it to look GOOD -- creatively!

I've got some ideas I'll show you. One of them is this bouquet that usually sits on the kitchen table but it won't fit at the moment and is barely finding a spot on my dresser. I'm planning on buying some red sprigs to add a touch of Christmas color. The best part is I won't have to find a place to store this all year bouquet during the holidays. But first before decorating, the house has to be clean and uncluttered. Hence, the boxes that I'm packing of things we aren't using at the moment. And before most of that we have the bathroom to finish, and the knives, and the bags and, and, and.

So if you are stopping by soon forget the gloves. I'm telling you right now you could write, "Clean Me!" on my furniture. The dust from the remodeling is about over though and I will have lost my excuse so that will become the end of next weeks priority - clean house. Without priorities one would loose their mind.
Don't think it has been all work around here though, I've manage to complete two hats and a hat band while on the road. The blue silk/Merino wool hat is pure luxury. It is so.... soft and feels like heaven to the touch. It is for my nearly bald hubby's head. I spun one strand of silk and the other strand was from a roving of silk and wool blend. Should keep him warm this winter. The double thick brim is to make positively sure of that. Our oldest taught me a trick. For the edge where the knit turns under, purl it. Indeed it forms a flatter edge. The yarn is busy by itself and I needed something real soothing for my jangled nerves so I did the whole hat in just plain knit. You don't even have to watch what your doing and the repetition is memorizing, nearly sleep inducing. 

  Another thing besides shopping I got done today was meet with our financial advisor about buying a new place. Ever thought of doing that? He was a great help and I will go back when we have the property picked for sure and we will finalize the best strategy for buying and paying off the property as soon as possible.

When retirement is only 7 or so years away then plans have to be carefully laid. Especially when money isn't flush. It is your financial advisor's job to help you spend your money wisely. They aren't there for just investing in the stock market or IRA's so listen.. You don't have to take their advise if you don't want to but they just might give you options you never thought of before. Like ours told us if we were going to move it had better be this year or next at the latest as we needed to try and have the place paid for before retiring. Moving after retirement isn't as good an idea he advises as your income is fixed and it is harder to fit in a house payment.

All this talk of work has me more tired than ever. I'm going to finish this blog, put on my pajamas, brew a cup of herbal infusion, and spread my cook notebooks around me and plan menus. I've got to cook tomorrow and sew. My hubby now needs at least four days of meals at a time ready made and sent with him. That is breakfast, lunch, and supper. Twelve hour work days with over an hour travel time means it is sleep, eat and work only.

I'll let you in on my menu plans each week and maybe you will get some ideas for make ahead meals. That isn't the only challenging part of meals to come. Kirk and I will also have to come up with a good way to store them. Maybe not quite the bear prevention method of hanging your food way up in the air suspended from a tree a 100 yards from camp but something similar.

I made Artisan bread and Barred snatched it off the countertop eating it. Barred is our son's bird dog. He's grown very naughty since Kirk's arrival in his home. He howled, and the softy that Kirk is, he let him in when he went to bed. Barred then proceeded to eat all the Halloween candy that had sat untouched in a bowl on the floor for a week. He also ate the following day the blueberry lemon muffins on the table I'd made but with them he was willing to share. He brought one in his mouth to our son as he was working in the garage.

Life is indeed full of challenges.

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