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Menus and Public Education

Once more it is 4:30 and I'm wide awake and to think I thought waking at this hour was cruel punishment when I was a kid. We would load saddles and gear the night before and then at this early hour we'd load up the horses into the trailer and head to the other ranch, my father driving while brother and I slept. We had a long day in the saddle ahead of us. There were a thousand of those doggies to round up and herd. Groups of them spent their time back and forth between the ranches.

As an adult I can see the advantages of early mornings and oh how I love the quiet. Yes, my eyes are rather purple beneath  because I've also visited late nights at the same time far too often lately. Things are intense around here. I need to remedy that but how?

I'm tugged on every side including the needs of our grand children. It is why I picked up our four year old grand daughter on Monday as I really didn't like the looks of her on Saturday night. She like her mother gets a pinched face and quits eating when stressed and it was clear she had lost a lot of weight in a short time.  On Tuesday, though it was far more difficult, I took her in tow and headed off to deliver the 96 project bags and work on another contract for more in Colorado. Our grand daughter wasn't thrilled as she is a home body like me.

We got home around five on Wednesday, our granddaughter having eaten almost non stop, and rested for an hour before I dove into cooking. I had to say at least hi to the man I love but don't see so often now. Hubby is working the long stretch of his work rotation this coming week and he needed over 20 meals before the next afternoon when he would leave to go back to staying with our son. By 2 the next day I had made the following and sent this list:
( 2)  SoufflĂ© *** Eat me first

(2)  Swedish Pancake & sauce
(3) Yogurt & Muffins ***keep me frozen until needed


(3) Potato Soup – Bread  ***One container is extra full to divide into another ***Eat me first
 (2) Turkey Sandwiches – Lettuce/tomato/Miracle Whip/ Mustard/Cheese--Chips

(3) Roast Sandwiches – Lettuce/tomato/Miracle Whip/Mustard/Cheese- Chips
(2) Stew –Bread *** Can freeze if you want


Turkey / asparagus/ sweet potatoes
(2) Turkey a la King  -- *****Frozen biscuits dough must be baked the night before.

(2) Lasagne / Bread / Green Beans **Needs Cooked put foil underneath

Leftovers for Two Meals or go shopping your wife is out of time and ideas.

 Cookies / Cake for Dessert

Put cookies in freezer
Yes over eleven hours of cooking but hubby helped when he could packaging and chopping. By the last couple hours I wanted out of the kitchen so bad I could have screamed. I'll guarantee you it was love that kept me there. It has really been hard on my home body husband to live away half the week and this is one way I can say how much I appreciate his sacrifice while we work on this house and look for another.
I didn't have a moment to rest when I was done for I had to do our four year olds hair and change to run off 50 some miles north for a conference for our 8 year old granddaughter at her new school. She is VERY bright but has a bit of short term memory issues and learning disabilities that impede her learning. I have BIG time short term memory issues so I understand just what is needed. These issues were not addressed in her past school or elsewhere. I had some insights after having her and worked with her for three weeks last month.
I'm not a fan of public school. The education of the teachers is poor at best. They know programs, they do not know learning, how the brain works in relation etc.  After having dealt once with public schools and having home-schooled for sixteen years I have realized a few things. The education of children is ultimately the responsibility of parents. As a parent our children are ours and therefore OUR responsibility. If we choose to have others help in their training then we are responsible for what is taught and we had better fill in the gaps. 
I agree with this quote by Ezra Taft Benson." Parents must resolve that teaching in the home is a most sacred and important responsibility. While other institutions, such as church and school, can assist parents to “train up a child in the way he [or she] should go” (Proverbs 22:6), ultimately this responsibility rests with parents. According to the great plan of happiness, it is parents who are entrusted with the care and development of our Heavenly Father’s children."
And may I add grandparents. You can spoil your grandkids if you want but I'm going to do everything I can to see that ours learn all they can spiritually and temporally. It was after all my grandparents that I attribute to the path I chose in life.
So yesterday I sat in frustration in the meeting for our granddaughter as I heard programs not ways we learn. They had no clue about different phonics formats just different companies selling the same products under different banners. They  were obviously taught Analytic phonics and didn't know anything else existed. Our grandchildren were barely taught that for two years and they are loosing what they learned fast. You know a..a..a.. for apple which makes no sense because first of all you have to learn the sound a and that it goes to apple. Then you start all over again to learn that  a.. a.. a.. also goes to alligator and ant etc. If you watch children carefully see you will note the confusion and the memorization tactics not skills learned to figure things out.

At least at the new school they had noticed the things I saw which is a step up and have some plans to address it. Not in the full manner I'd like but then my standards are obviously much, much higher. That was very clear to me.
In Synthetic phonics you begin with what you already know. You know the sound of popping popcorn and you label that p. You learn to recognize p and because you already know the sound you can quickly learn that many words also have that sound in the beginning such as pie, pipe etc. Kids within a few short months are far ahead of others taught Analytic phonics and pass them by up to two years. Imagine a whole 3rd grade reading at 5th grade levels. This great learning style also uses more of the sensory network which it has been proven that the more senses you use to learn with the better and more efficient the learning process.
Our super old Open Court program (Synthetic Phonics) we used with the kids used touch, sight, and sound to teach every facet of reading. Did you know that when you sing something you learn the information with a different part of the brain? So though you may not be able to memorize it easily reading it because of short term memory issued, you can use singing and learn it without a problem. We memorized the presidents, and math with songs. Rerouting is a part of learning with disabilities. Something school disability specialists know very little about just start asking questions and you find that out in a hurry. Read the book The Mislabeled Child. It is awesome as it studies the brain and how it works in relation to learning.
Analytic Phonics relies heavily on memorization. But if you can't memorize easily you are sunk. Try memorizing with a short term memory deficit? If you don't have short term memory you can't put it into long term memory. That is where our grand daughter is. I too for that matter though my disability is far, far worse than hers. I do have the nickname of Walking Encyclopedia because I've learned to better work around my disability. In part because I taught each grade three times because we had three children and I learned more than a thing or two since the teacher always learns the most and all three of our children have multiple learning disabilities, none the same. Another reason I think homeschooling is so great. The parent is so much better education when they come out of it making for a wiser grandparent.
 Since a parent is given the responsibility by God to raise up the child, it stands to reason that they are also given the most inspiration in their upbringing, which includes education. I testify to you that often when I homeschooled and began to explain something to our children, that I didn't have a super grasp of myself, I would hear in amazement an explanation come out of my mouth that astounded me in its clarity and I'd say silently, "Oh that's how that works." Prayer goes a long way and when you are on the right path there is always help when help is needed.
I love Synthetic phonics because it is rooted in science, not a new fad to sell to the public schools which I'll guarantee uses either sight reading or a style of Analytical phonics all in a new founded brightly colored package to make money. Companies don't make as much money replacing a few text books as they do a whole new reading program-- which at its roots really isn't new at all. Isn't money the root of nearly everything? No wonder they say that money is the root of all evil.
 Synthetic phonics works so well that even underprivileged children are up to two years ahead of privileged children who are taught the Analytical method. And America wonders why we  lag in education compared to other countries. First of all we should throw out our inferior programs and give our teachers a proper education. They need to understand the mind and how it works. We need to be like France in that we don't label children with ADHD and drug them but solve the mystery of how each child learns and work with their minds. We need math programs like Saxxon Math who teach how to do the same problem in four different ways and never moves on without repetition of what was learned before.
Check out this seven year study in Scotland, it is impressive and I'm sure what led to the outlawing of the teaching of Analytical phonics in England. Austria and Germany also teach Synthetic phonics before they teach the children to read. Wake up America. That begins with parents waking up. Check out Synthetic phonics and begin teaching yourself and your children. You will be amazed how well it works. Before I pulled our children out of the public schools I assisted in the classroom and the kids jumped 1 to 2 reading levels in a very short time. Our daughter jumped 3. Our third grade daughter's  teacher and I both agreed my programs of choice were far superior to the public schools and I should teach at home and so it began.
Before pulling our children out of school I read all their books. I wasn't impressed. I can see where the down fall of America has its roots and why people have such miscued thinking. I was appalled by the social studies lessons. You are responsible with the Lord for what your children are taught, you had better learn just what that is as you will be judge by it.
Many times in the last month and a half I have thought I could not go any further so exhausted mentally and physically was I, but the Lord has carried me forward. He has been my rod and my strength and forward we shall push. Monday we go and look at more houses. Hopefully Kirk will get some vacation time and we can work on this house to get it ready for sale. I feel the clock ticking and wonder how it will all be done but I must have faith that it will in the Lord's time.

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