Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cold Weather and Setting the Stage to Sell

Warmer weather is on its way. We can breathe through our mouths once more. Think this is a small thing. How miserable are you when you have a cold? Yes, the lips dry out and your throat is always dry and you really begin to appreciate the workings of your nasal passages. It is disconcerting in the single digits when the cold is accompanied by 30 mile an hour wind chilling blasts and you suck in air to have your nostrils seal shut. My sympathy has gone out to the poor critters shivering in the cold. "Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful"

Why the goats are particularly bad about this shivering I don't know but they "shiver in the cold let us bring them silver and gold" (Hush!! brain, your interfering with my thoughts.) they do shiver far worse than the other animals we've raised like horses, beef, sheep, pigs, chickens. Come to think of it, I've never seen a chicken shiver. Hunch down and become as small as possible yes, but shiver - no.
Despite Kirk screwing a piece of plywood across 3/4 of the narrow doorway into the goat shed and all but the roof being insulated, the does spend a great deal of time shivering. Anyone know why goats and not the other animals and do and why Christmas carols keep creeping into my thoughts? Does this happen to you?

What I was thinking when I was interrupted by music playing loudly in my head was that the warm weather, 20's and 30's brings with it the need to clean sheds and it will be nice to not see the goats shivering. It bothers my sympathetic side.

I don't know about you but I'm seeing the days of December fly by while my finger tips and face feel like they are freezing off. I'm panicking here. Hence, last nights late night shopping on the web. Today I need to regroup and figure out what I don't have and what needs made before the day arrives despite not really knowing when that day is. My daughter talked about doing their Christmas in pieces. The 23rd being Christmas dinner and opening all gifts that aren't from the big man in the red suit. He of course delivers on Christmas Eve and they will open those Christmas morning possibly before she has to be to work at 6. My hubby on the other hand works most of Christmas week away from home along with our son so not a clue what we are doing.

All Kirk and I really want for Christmas is a new place to live. The deal on the house we made seems to be coming unraveled. If it is going to do so I hope it is quick so we can get back on the market shopping. Not that I haven't been looking still. All this stress and it is no wonder we have lived in this house for 32 years.What will we do when we have ours on the market too?

We felt great peace when we bid on the place, despite reservations. From experience I know that can mean two things. All these second thoughts and problems we are having now are just the devil at work and it will work out in the end. The other is that lessons needed learned by us working on this deal and indeed it will go completely south but the experience will give us wisdom and put us in a better position for what we need to do later if we will let it.

Patience is not a virtue I have mastered. I like things spelled out and done. Autistic people like myself can't figure out social games especially when that Autistic person is very very analytically minded like myself. Think Temperance on the show Bones, that is pretty much me. Not quite so verbally blunt and not a genius IQ but I'll guarantee you that those extremely blatant thoughts are roaming upstairs though they don't always make it out the door.

 My husband calls me narrow minded. Like the other day when my thoughts did indeed go outside and I said woman look ridiculous in high high heels because they walk so awkward. Why would a self respecting woman wear them when they not only look silly but the shoes damage their bodies?  That one instance when he called me narrow minded. I just can't understand what is narrow minded about it. My view is logical - fashion often is not logical. Why people allow others to dictate what they wear is beyond me especially when they dictate you should look silly. See, Bones at work here. 

By the way, my daughter has heard men comment pretty much in the same manner as I just did. A recent study has found that Autistic women are more malish mentally. Which is why I often feel more comfortable around men than women. Which leads to another logical thought, I wish these scientist would just ask highly functioning Autistic people like me because we could save them a fortune on research costs. We could have also told them that we avoid social situations because we feel emotions too intently and can't deal with them at that level so we have to shut ourselves off from the world or completely fall to pieces. 

This self preserving shut down is why it appears we don't care  - another study costing a fortune to come up with something many of us already knew. See why I connect with the character Bones? Watching her makes me feel not so alone. That and talking to our oldest which isn't Autistic like myself but has tendencies toward the behavior.

Just give me a clear cut path to start with on this house deal and I can make adjustments but please make them detailed. I'm not my mom and I can't fill in the blanks as I please. I never understood my mom but then she made up a fictitious character which I gave up years and years ago trying to convince wasn't me so she never understood me either. The fictitious character was probably nicer so who can blame her. 

I LOVE details which is why I love James Bama paintings. (See I am ADD brained) the most memorable to me being the old man in front of the split firewood. I seem to remember a spider on the logs and I know there was a safety pin holding up one of his bib overall straps. Detail is also why I love the children's books by Jan Brett. Well, that and the Scandinavian slant.

Enough about houses but oh wait. I said I'd show you some of the things we have done. Okay here goes. 

The new bathroom. It now needs pictures.

See the difference a couple photos made to the other bathroom we renovated a few years ago. It really classed it up. 

Kind of like how they turned out but wish I could have cropped the photos instead of the printer shop doing so. You may have noticed our house is done in a variety of woods, hickory in the kitchen, oak in the master bath, and mahogany in the main bathroom.We LOVE wood and in the spirit of the early 1800's where each room of the house was done in a different wood, I followed suite and am pleased with the results. The house still flows from one room to the other and it adds interest.

I need to move the wooden antique bee catcher down, it is hanging on a nail that was already in the wall, but I kind of like how this trio turned out.

  I'm adding and changing photos around the house to stage it for the home sale market. I know things are decorated a bit different than most homes because well, face it, I'm not the norm but hopefully it will be memorable in a good way. So far most people who stop by comment on how beautiful the house looks but then what are they going to say, "It looks ugly" probably not. I'm just taking encouragement from the positive inflections of their voices.
 And though we are too busy to put up a tree because first of all we'd have to travel over an hour east to buy a decent tree, a directions we have no other excuse to go, so I have added some touches of Christmas around the house and that will have to do. Like here at the base of my bed where I added gold snowflake garland, greenery, and sheep with wooly backs I made years ago with clothes pin bodies, leather ears, and hand spun wooly bodies.  

Next year we will plan on a tree since we will be near the mountains and can make a fun snowshoeing day of cutting our own. A Charlie Brown one it might be but at least it will be real. I have this thing about real trees. Our son once came home with a tree he had freshly cut and it actually began growing new needles. Yes, he had left it up for a long time but hey, he liked it, and why not leave it up as it brought enjoyment to him and he's single.
 Our oldest true to tradition found another figurine for my village. I love the round hale bale.  She knows the barn scene is my favorite part of the whole village scene- go figure. LOL
 I wasn't ever someone who played with doll houses but then they didn't have a barn and a forging shop either. Somehow, for me, putting up this three tiered village tops decorating the tree in favorite things to do for Christmas. I'm thinking of leaving it up for January. It took me years and years to collect all these pieces. I'd look for specific things each year like a windmill for the barnyard which took me several years to find and an outhouse too. Got to have an outhouse on an old farm. I'm talking from experience here. 

 My style of decorating for Christmas isn't air filled Santas or flashy lights but subtle touches around the house. This is something new I added this year, a bow made of curled metal, bells, and greenery for the two floor lamps in the livingroom.

There is something about Norman Rockwell that just makes me smile. This book was Kirk's moms and it speaks of simpler and less commercial Christmas's past. If you stop by around the holidays beware when you step inside our home, it might just feel a bit like you have been thrown back in time.This and the nativity scenes around the house remind me just what the reason for the Christmas season is all about.


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