Friday, December 6, 2013

Random Thought and Discoveries.

Found photos of cow moose being used as beasts of burden - really old photos. Now that is ingenuity. A friend of mine has a pet deer. No, he didn't raise it. It just started coming for the food he put out for the turkeys. Then it would hang around when he would grill meat on his back porch. Eventually it would bed down while he cooked and he got so he could scratch it behind the ears and it wouldn't even rise from its laying position. One day he went in the back door to get some beef pellet feed for it and it came right on in the house after him. Being smart he moseyed out another exit and the deer eventually left too. 

 So if a deer can become semi-tame then why not a trained moose? Note that I said semi-tame.  I saw pictures of a team of them pulling a buggy, a young one pulling a travois in front of a teepee, and a single cow moose pulling a cart with a women driver. I would never have thought of such a feat but why not? I guess they eat less than a horse, are stronger, faster, but they said they overheat more quickly. This might limit them to winter time and of course they were female. One doesn't foolishly mix male testosterone, large horns, and think they are going to accomplish anything. I came across a reference to a, I think, Swedish king who tried an experiment of a moose trained cavalry. The solders thought it unmanly to be mounted on girls and moose are not easy to train so that eliminates a number of riders. Wish I could find again the site I read this in. 
As for pictures, copying and pasting can get one into trouble. 

What started all this searching into moose, a false facebook post about a man training a moose to pull logs. Very believable but none the less false. I've been doing only a little hopping around on the Internet beyond scouting out houses to look at and this diversion was a welcome break. My computer would let me look at houses but not at my own blog grrr.....  It has taken several days off and on work to get it up and running correctly again, I hope correctly. Yes, frustration at its height. 

Not that I've been doing exciting things to share other than ordering deer fence in the winter. Yes, I found some that was on clearance, plus 15 percent off, plus free shipping. My Fed-Ex carrier was totally baffled at the rather light but very long package. But he just laughed when I told him of my deal. I wasn't planning on buying but how can one pass that up? I found it because I was researching how to keep deer out of the garden, the huge one I want to grow, white-tail specifically since they are everywhere by the house we are in the process of buying. The very beginning process of buying. So I won't tell you all about it until we are further down the road. We have some hurdles to clear first. 

But anyway there are tons of wild life all around, deer, elk, turkeys and the like. Plus with a creek running below us there is a really good chance racoons are also lurking nearby. Those little beggars know exactly when the corn is ripe. I'd rather not depend on them telling me so I thought I'd get a leap on laying out the garden, the present owner's is small compared to what I want. They do have raspberries and strawberries - bless them. I learned that white-tail deer can jump 12 ft. The fence is 7 1/2 feet with a half foot staked along the ground, not high enough. I also learned that deer will jump up but don't like the coming down part so the full 12ft isn't needed. So to make up for a shorter fence I can add width. If the top of the fence is angled at a 45 degree that counts as width or double fencing works great too. I'm thinking of putting two chicken runs along part of the perimeter. 

The garden fence will save me on fencing on one side of the runs and I'm hoping the narrow space of 3 or 4 feet will keep hawks from wanting to dive inside for a tasty chicken dinner. Our present neighbor at the corrals has chickens that clear a high fence so I'm thinking high is also important for them too. I'll need two runs for the year we have pullets and hens for a short while. The rest of the fence configuration I'm not real clear on yet. 

I've vowed that this year my garden will be planned, really planned but I've said that before. I do plan on a permanent garden where their present garden sits. It already has two strawberry beds, and a raspberry bed so I thought I'd add asparagus and lots of grapes with a herb garden section. Then attached to it I'll add another larger garden for corn, squash, beans etc. I looked into gardens incorporating chicken coops but the gardens were just too small. One half the garden one year was the run and the other half the next year became the run. Great for long growing seasons but this place is next to the foothills of the mountains in Wyoming so a long growing season it does not have. 

While I'm dreaming of gardening a new seed catalog appeared. My mind just happened to be thinking about just how wonderful that dried and powered pepper combination I made the summer before last has been in cooking. It was an experiment into making my own chili powder. I LOVE it!! I have some bell pepper, some pepperoni peppers, and I'm thinking some really mild jalapeno peppers in the mix. At times like this I really wish I'd keep some better records of the things I do. I'm going to have to search my blog posts to see if I can find out what I did. The dried onion tops that didn't make full onions are a nice addition to the kitchen too especially when I don't have a fresh onion. Last year we had fresh onions most of the year with the ones in storage but the hail killed the entire garden in August this year.

Kirk and I are getting so we really dislike going to the store. We just do without half the time or substitute. I'm thinking with the much higher cost of housing in the area we are moving to that that is a good thing as money will be tight until we can pay the place off, plus the house we are trying to buy is in the toolies, as in the boonedocks, or the way north forties. You know, a long way from town. Jotting off to the store for something just isn't going to happen.

Anyway, in this catalog we found pimento peppers and paprika peppers. I'm thinking, no surprise there, that since seeds last two years that I can start a pepper rotation. Chili powder peppers one year with green bell peppers, and the next pimento peppers with paprika peppers and bell peppers. You've always got to have bell peppers or rather I do. Peppers have flowers with the male and female parts and don't need insects, or wind to pollinate them but they do have an off chance of crossing so I might have an area in the permanent garden for just such rotation crops to help space things from each other. 

Anyone with experience from up north that has grown paprika or pimento peppers. I'd like advice on varieties and growing tips.

Sorry no photos but I promise next week to start showing you some of our areas we have been working on. This getting ready to sell is about to drive us insane. We vow to never let so many things slide again. This amount of work to get ready is ridiculous.

Finishing up a long day of cooking to send with hubby and so not much else got done. Breakfast burritos and sourdough English muffins with egg, cheese, and ham in between the bread for breakfasts. Meatsa pizza made on Ciabatta bread. Ciabatta rolls with ham sandwiches and soup for lunch. Salisbury steak with brown and wild rice and broccoli. Chicken cor don bleu with corn and I don't know what yet. Burritos with black beans and rice. 

Yes, double or triple use is my theme. The Ciabatta bread for rolls and pizza crust.  The sausage and bacon for the pizza, this morning's omelet, and the breakfast burritos. The rice for the burritos and the side dish for the Salisbury steak. The tortilla shells, plain ones this time, for the breakfast burritos and the regular burritos. One has to save energy when one has so little of it these days. That is it for meals for the next few day. More than plenty I'd think and that means my meals are made also.  I do have to keep cooking though because the dreaded three one three is coming up next. Work three days and one day off and work three days. A killer to pre-cook for.

 It is up really early in the morning to go meet the grand kids and travel a couple hours to see Frozen, the new kid's movie. The mine has a free Christmas movie for the kids every year and since Kirk transferred hours away to a new mine, we have to travel to the movie theater nearest that mine. Not handy but we are doing so little this year for Christmas, we are keeping this tradition. 

Kirk is working four days all through Christmas week and will therefor be gone. Our daughter is working and I think our son is scheduled also to work. Not sure we will even put up a tree though I did put up some of the other decorations. All this remodeling, and running to look at houses, bidding on a house, and Kirk running back and forth to work has dampened the desire to do much for Christmas. The thought just seems exhausting.  I'm thinking maybe our oldest daughter, who will be home, might enjoy relaxing and cooking up some goodies during Christmas to deliver to friends. It will after all be the last Christmas here. We have lived in this home 32 years but I'm more than ready for a new adventure.  

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