Thursday, January 2, 2014

Handsome Has Arrived

Put a big smile on a big smelly boys face today. It took a little while though for he wasn't too thrilled when we presented him with the back end of a trailer. In fact when he discovered we weren't just out for a stroll but really wanted to leave the premises he locked up all four hooves like a mule sitting down on its fanny in protest. I remember a mule my brother tried to get to move in high school. Used a two wheel drive pickup tied to its halter. The pickup's wheels just sat there and spun. I was feeling mighty grateful at that moment that this wasn't a mule. With a mighty effort the two of us pushing we did finally manage to load him. Unload was another story. He smelled the does and heard their inviting calls to Kirk and I to come and feed them and he unloaded himself with me in tow. Yep, that pen full of girls was looking mighty fine in comparison to his male companions in his old pen.

Yet it wasn't the girls he checked out first but the hotel accommodations. He noticed the sheets were turned down and the bedding in the shed was a nice thick layer of straw. There wasn't a mint on the pillow but we were in the process of stuffing the feeder full of hay. He quickly judged the digs pretty nice and turned his attention to the bling, those hot babes milling around him. His lips soon parted into the biggest grin you ever saw when he discovered Daisy was all tail wags and mighty eager to meet him too. Little Abigail considered his visit an intrusion but Meagan was torn between joy and annoyance, a sure sign she was either coming into estrous or going out. I'm hoping coming in.

So yes, we are finally getting the girls bred. I prefer earlier in December or even November but we are just grateful to get it done. I want my milk!!!! The girls dried up in late December. Probably partly my fault as their milkings were at irregular times of the day and they haven't had open water as many hours of the day as usual. Life has been just a tad stressful which has put the does on the back burner. But it is getting done and as I listen to the new guy murmur sweet nothings to the does I get the sense of Fonzie on Happy Days with his mocho behavior but sweet soft underbelly. Yes, this is a pretty nice buck. Yet, pangs of longing for Touch flitter across my emotions, his funny Mohawk hair do, his bulging muscular physique and his sweet mannerisms. Once again I remind myself these critters aren't simply pets, and they can't all remain with us through out their entire lives. It doesn't mean its easy though.  I'll get some photos for you, he really is quite good looking but for now I'm off to bed. We meet tomorrow morning with the owners of the place we have under contract.

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