Monday, February 10, 2014

A New Breakfast Delight!


Still trying to figure out meals that work well for hubby to take to work. They need to go well from freezer to lunch box to microwave. They can't be a repeated more than three times maximum because my husband isn't fond of leftovers. They need to be not so complicated that it takes all day to make. They need to be different than last weeks menu. No casseroles unless it is lasagna or simply enchiladas placed side by side with a sauce poured over the top of them and baked.

I'm finding that if I don't make some foods wa....y ahead I can not keep up. Like this time I made several desserts and some of one and the whole of the other went into the freezer. Even then I really, really struggle to make enough food and I'm loosing my passion for cooking. How ever do chef's do it? I'm panicked, how will I be able to cook and move at the same time? The end of the month is coming quickly and we are trying to negotiate the new house's closing a few days early as Kirk has a foreman exam work wants him to take on closing day. He is qualified in our state but the mine he is presently working at is just over the Montana border and there he is not. He's not fond of being a foreman but at the mine he worked at before, he filled in during vacations and the like.

I need to get some sheds up for sale on the Internet. I need, I need, I need, but here I sit with two of the cutest munchkins you ever saw. One has foot and mouth disease and the other the flu. You know grand kids come first and when their mama had to leave yesterday for school at the police academy, I posted sick bay on my door and snuggled them in. Not sure how long it will be or if the other two older girls won't be coming down to join them as they too have been exposed. Plus, who knows they might just trade around the two diseases and we could be having wa...y too much fun, sarcastically of course.

I do know I made a great ventilator last night as I slept with the five year old with the flu. Off, on, off, on went the covers as I tried to regulate her temperature yet keep her sleeping. I learned long ago that unless a fever is raging, 103 - 104 F, depending on the child, that it is best to leave it alone. A fever is the bodies way of fighting disease and if you interfere you are asking for the disease to drag on longer than necessary. Just don't get carried away as a few years ago I let mine rage in the 104 F range for a couple days and nights and yes I got over the same flu my husband had in a third of the time but I also had the lower half of my face covered in fever blisters when my fever finally did brake. They were slow to go away. 104 F is a whole lot higher for an adult than it is for a child.

As I'm cooking I'm also keeping my eye out for other meals to add to the menu like this one. With a slight bit of tweaking Kirk said this would be a big winner. It is hash browns fried and then placed in the bottom of a greased muffin tin. Next I fired up some hot spiced sausage but chopped ham would be good too. Then I chopped some bell pepper and onions, and whipped the meat and vegetables in with eggs. With a little black pepper and salt I then added grated cheese to the mixture and pour the whole thing on top the hash browns. Bake until done at 350 F. Then at the very end I added a sprinkle of cheese on top and broiled until melted. Hubby said the whole thing was delish but needed just a bit more spice.

Next time I'm going to spice up the hash browns and I'm still thinking on the egg mixture. Maybe it is just the hash browns that need it. I also want to broil the hash browns in the bottom of the muffin tins briefly to give a little more crisp before adding the raw egg mixture and baking. The original recipe called for store hash browns but no way in this house hold. They just don't taste very potatoey. I have also found that if you boil your potatoes and then shred them, they aren't as potatoey as if you shred the potatoes fresh, rinsed them to remove part of the starch, dry them, and then fry. The texture is changed also between the two.

The other thing I've found is that my husband is not so fond of the sweet breakfast foods as the hearty ones. Not a bad thing. Next I'm going to work on a recipe that I found for soaking cracked oats in the crock pot to remove the phytic acid, then cooking them in the crop pot ready when you wake up for breakfast. For this I plan on drying some apples that are starting to go a little soft. Wouldn't apple bits and a little cinnamon be good? What is your favorite breakfast food? Please don't say pop tarts. They unfortunately are a frequent thing in our grand kids mornings and snack time. Though I do have a home made recipe for them I'll try one of these days, it is for the kids, not Kirk.

For now since I've got the youngest to down for a nap (her request), I think I'll go snuggle the five year old and read a book to her. These moments won't last forever and I plan on taking full advantage of them.

P.S. You think she is trying to tell me something? She always drags around these two dolls. The same two that are just alike. We do have twin genes in the family. Hmmm.......

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