Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recycling Your Vegetable Water

Our oldest commented how she used her vegetable water for her plants. That got me thinking. I've seen things over the years about using the water your vegetables cook in but never for plants so I thought this quite clever of her. For some reason it took until now to get serious about applying recycling vegetable water. Maybe it was the added push for when I went to Walmart and they didn't have any plant food. Not that I've ever bought plant food there but I was looking for some house plant food. The organic stuff I used last year is really smelly and this year I plan on having two racks going plus likely some pots on the floor. That is a lot of odiferous possibility.  So I thought I'd look to see if by chance they had something labeled organic. They were selling plants but no fertilizer. Does that seem like an oxymoron to you? Or a stupednoid as Kirk would say.  

I'll look elsewhere but not being a shopper, I'll probably just hit the Internet for some. I did order some kelp and sulfur pea pellets for the garden and may use some of the kelp for the house plants. Wonder if it smells bad? I'm determined to use more than manure on the garden this year. I want more produce in less space even though the garden will be larger than ever before. It use to be that the grocery store, the hardware store and about everywhere but the fabric store had plant fertilizer. Don't people have house plants anymore? I heard on the radio that people are becoming very lax about house keeping. Maybe keeping plants is too much work also.

Not only have I noticed this but have you noticed that many basics aren't going on a good sale or on sale at all this past year? I've been looking for Valasic pickles to go on good sale in our local grocery store. I've been waiting since last fall. They always go on sale for a really good price during the holidays. That is when I buy nearly a years supply. Nope, no sell and usually there are several.

Cucumbers is something I've not been able to coax into a decent crop and where we are headed I know they do well. Kirk and I had a garden in that area when we were first married and his folks still do. That is where we get our fresh garden cukes. But it isn't enough to satisfy his love for them and he has made it clear he wants lots and lots of cucumbers in our new garden home. I'm sure I will begin making pickles once more. I'll have to try out some new recipes. Have any of you a recipe you think is excellent?

Frozen juice is another one. Occasionally I will see something but it is getting pretty rare. There are other things too but what I'm curious to know is have any of you noticed the same thing? Of course the heavily processed foods always go on sale or is that just what it seems like as I don't buy the stuff?

Anyway, we were talking about vegetable water. My daughter puts her water that the vegetables cooked in on her plants. That way those nutrients don't go to waste. I would caution you not to use the water if your vegetables came in a can. It is usually loaded with salt. I don't know about frozen vegetables. Do they have additives too? What I'm referring to is fresh vegetables. If you can call vegetables from the store fresh. But this summer think of your garden and when you cook, save that water. Imagine all that luscious water you blanch your vegetables in to freeze just going to waste. I'm sure your plants inside and out could make good use of that nutrient rich water.
Another good use for it is in bread. I have begun being very conscious about using the potato water in particular this last couple weeks as a substitute for the water used in bread making. Not that I boil potatoes a great deal but I plan on growing quite a few this summer and a habit takes time to form so it becomes automatic. I'm slow to learn so I'm beginning now. Yesterday I cooked up some asparagus that came in our Bountiful Basket delivery. On to the plants the water went. I only have a couple pots of Aloe Vera right now.

I'm not a house plant kind of gal though I use to be. Now I want house plants that I can cook with. I let all my herbs die as they are hard to keep going in this house in December and January if they aren't under grow lights. I figured one less thing to move and my do we have a lot of trips to make anyway.
Another great use for that vegetable water is to save it for soups. It adds flavor and nutrition. So next time don't dump out that nutrient rich vegetable water, recycle it.

P.S. I bet the chickens would love it too.

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