Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Few More Pictures

This is a picture of our living room into the kitchen/sunroom area. Note the wood stove roaring in the left side. This stove heated the whole house when I was there but the temperatures were fairly mild. Good thing it did because the power went off leaving us with just a flashlight and a headlamp for light and this fire to keep warm. A man in a service truck ran into a power pole knocking it down on the vehicle we were told by the stove repairman who came to finish the work on the wood stove in the garage. The insurance man also came at the same time. The Lord was really helping out there with them both coming when we just happen to be there.

I ran over to the neighbors to ask about the outage before the repairman came and they told me that the power goes out now and then. Once it was out for three days. Really, really good to know. We will have to prepare for this in having gas for the welder to use as a generator until we buy one and get our candles, lamps, and wood built up. I find it humorous that we had quite a few water storage containers in the barn but of course they were empty. Who hauls the things full? They are five gallon containers and way a ton to haul around a bunch of them. So as a rain storm threatened Kirk and I just finished unloading the horse trailer as it became to dark to see and he hustled to the barn to split wood and I to arrange things for a dark evening. Luckily he had his headlamp with him and I a flashlight. Needless to say we will be bringing the lanterns, candles etc. on the next trip and filling a few of the water storage containers.

Who would of thought such a thing would have happened on our first night Kirk and I were to stay there together. LOL. I'm beginning to think the Lord is trying to tell me something. Something like get our hind ends moved because someone has to be there to heat the house by fueling the wood stove. April will soon be here and it usually has the worst storms. Shorter but more fierce. Add to that that this week I also got a contract for making 300 bags. The fabric for 96 will arrive this next week. What a blessing since we had to order a new camera, OUCH!!! Then there is the pressure I'm feeling to get moved for reasons only the Lord knows. Add to that that I have never emotionally felt so at peace as I have while in this house. Except the time we spend at the remote cabin where I went into the fields by myself. It is incredibly beautiful and quiet. It was kind of like staying in a cabin with the main source of light being the fire and the quiet that enveloped the house.

Kirk pulled a mattress of the kids over next to the fire as my poor Addison Disease body cratered. I lay under a mountain of quilts and kept the fire going all night. I was getting that bone chilling cold that means my body temp is falling into the 94 Fahrenheit's. The power came back on at 9 as we snuggled into bed for the night. The next day Kirk got up at four to go to work and I went back to bed as my body was crying for more rest. That was okay because the power went off again for a few hours. But I wasn't about to lay in bed forever so I began putting beds together and hauling boxes in from the garage. When the power came back on I washed some of the cupboards I was putting things in and wash the bedroom curtains. They had years of dirt caked on them. I can see why the previous owner kept the window blinds shut all the time. You can't see all the dirt. But how could you stand that with the breath taking views just waiting on the other side is beyond me. In her defense she did do a lot of cleaning before she left. I saw the before and after but though I'm not a clean freak, my standards are far, far different. The whole house will have to be washed from the ceilings down.

The inside hasn't been painted in 17 years and the outside needs some painting also. The carpet is horrible. That is okay I can clean and we can put in flooring. We will have to save up for appliances because they also are 17 years old.

But back to the house itself. The dining room is to the left of the kitchen. A kitchen that has cupboards, and cupboards, and cupboards. Oh how I'm going to love that. The sunroom you can see is VERY sunny and will be great for plants. That is where my mini garden will be. As for this planter you see in the fore ground. Most of the length of it has to go. Just what you see that is solid topped on the right corner of the picture and back to the bedroom will stay.

There is another planter just to the left of this one that is four feet from it and together they fashion a landing strip. The previous owner put fake plants in it. Kirk's folks like it but then they are from that era when this was a popular design. Kirk and I profusely dislike and most every one else from our age group and younger. I can just imagine it at family gatherings causing traffic jams. This place is a great family gathering spot with the big yard, the way the house is laid out, and the big deck on the back that faces the mountain. The problem with the runway is these low walls have lots of electrical attached plug ins, light switches etc. An electrician will have to be involved in the removal.
Now you can see why I was visiting the Behr paint site. This house is white. There is color on the walls. The dining room is a frosty purple, across the hall the office is a frosty old hospital green, two bedrooms a cool blue, and one a frosty pink. The colors are disjointed and I plan on bringing this home up a few class levels in keeping with the bones of the place. Meanwhile we will just clean and move.

Along with the insurance guy, the stove guy, was Kirk's folks out Thursday late afternoon. Kirk's step mom decided she was going to be the first guest. She said awesome wasn't a good enough word for the place. She wants a bubble bath in the master bathroom. There is a large window set just above the tub looking out on the mountain and a shelf next to the tub to place candles on. I'd have given you a picture but I couldn't get an angle that worked with my snappy camera. I'll try when the Cannon arrives.

Kirk's dad just said it was nice and looked in all the cupboards. I almost burst out giggling at him. If he is doing that it means he really likes the place. Then when he went to leave he said we needed a railing and a bench in the mudroom. We definitely do as he is getting up there in age and we do want them to come and visit often. When Kirk's step mom called the next day to see if we had power and asked what they could do to help, I had already thought of a plan. I knew she would call and ask so I planned on her helping me clean. As for Kirk's dad I said he could help me put in the railing and assist me in building the bench. I already have the materials for the bench. That way he can get it just to his liking. She laughed.
The master bedroom has a large walk in closet. It almost makes it unnecessary to have dressers. I forgot to get a picture of the dream laundry room. I'll try and bring you more photos as we continue the steady stream of running back and forth. I hope to make several trips this next week. As for the photos on the other camera, I forgot it in the car. We had to go shopping for a small step ladder, cleaning supplies, groceries, go to the bank, etc. and we took the car to town. Which reminds me. The other reason we have to get me moved in is Kirk won't have a four-wheel drive vehicle to get out to work if I'm not there and it snows big time.

 So I bid you adoo for I'd better get to work packing and cleaning this house. I have some floors to paint this weekend. Not sure how I'm going to pull that off with a knee that resembles one of those small watermelons you see at the store. I bet if you put a stethoscope up to it you could hear it slosh. Never had that happen before. I'm just thankful there are pain meds to keep me moving. I don't have time to stop and heal.

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