Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Addictive Paint Site

This site is downright addictive. You go in and pick paint colors by Behr paint and then start painting rooms - bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens.  With a click of the mouse you spread color over the walls that you want. It is amazing how quickly I changed my mind. A color I thought was so.... pretty in the small swatch could send me quickly flipping back to look at different colors when it was spread across the walls of a room. The same thing has happened to me when I've brought home a gallon of paint and began painting. It is amazing how different it looks spread across a large area. This site also allows you to paint different colors on different walls of the same room.

One fun thing is they have six or so bedrooms to choose from and the same goes for the other rooms. One complaint though. They have all the trim in white so why don't they make all the bedspreads white too? It caused some eye clashing rooms. I would like a room's architectural qualities but the photo or the bedspread would clash with the paint choice.  It was very distracting. In my folder I collected for Kirk to look at when he comes home, I tried to pick pretty neutral rooms so he wouldn't get confused. He's always saying that he can't imagine it. Only when it comes to decorating the house that is. I'm collecting a whole folder of ideas for him in Pinterest. This is going to be fun!!
This room is painted on the computer with Miami Spice. Our oldest daughter picked this one out after I had chosen a hotter pink paint. She warned me I'd be painting the room twice if I went with my first choice. I'm just not much of a pink person. Neither is our oldest grand daughter but the other three love it even though our five year old would choose red over pink. Red is definitely out. I like some red rooms - just not in my house. Our oldest daughter knows me very well and was right after I had thought about it. My type of Autism leaves me hypersensitive to sights, sounds, and touch. Over stimulation is a biggy with me and this is indeed more soothing.  Our five year old grand daughter has declared this color BEAUTIFUL! Knowing the others, I'm sure they will like it too.

This color reminds me a little of the room my parents had when I was young. It was cantaloupe. Just the shade of a Rocky Ford melon on the inside. This room has the same appeal that says it will give you a hug. I loved that peach room and would stare at it through the doorway of my bedroom.  I came home one day from school and was sure that my mother had completely lost it. I had to have been only about five years old. To an extremely analytical brain such as mine, she just didn't make logical sense even when I was very young. I couldn't figure out why she never asked me what color I wanted in MY room. You couldn't have picked a worse color combination if you tried for an Autistic child sensitive to sight, sound, and touch. Keep in mind this room was directly across the hall from my parent's cantaloupe colored  room. The new carpet in my room was fire engine red. The walls a light pink. I hated pink as a child. I still only want it in smaller doses. The curtains which came a little later were white with deep red stripes.

Flow was definitely not what she had in mind. I suppose she thought that every little girl loves pink - most do. And since my mother made up in her mind who I was, I must have been that little girl who loved pink. Mom's presents throughout my life always reflected the character she had chosen for me. It was never in the ball parks but hey, it made her happy. Unlike her, I think I know my grand daughters pretty well. I spend a great deal of time with them.

As we've visited the new home, I've tried to figure out the true character of the place. These colors are complete night and day from the ones our present home has. One that fits the homes bones and colors we'd love too. I'm determined to try and make a room for the girls. One that the four can enjoy. The oldest grand daughter isn't keen on pink but this isn't really pinky. The five year old if given a choice would choose red. I can appreciate red rooms. I just can't live with a red room. She has declared this color beautiful so we are doing well.

This move has been really hard on our family. This home is all they have ever known. Our oldest moved here when she was one.  The grandkids have known nothing else either and associate us with this house. We tried to paint a picture of the new place but they can't fathom it.
The kitchen is wall to wall cupboards with only a little space above to paint darker gray. This and the brown adjoining living room will pick up the dark gray and dark brown rocks behind the free standing stove in the living room.

We took our five year old with us to take a couple trailer loads and sign the papers on the new place. To quell the -Are we there yets? - as we traveled, I kept pointing out how we were getting closer to the mountains as we drove. That and we told really bad jokes. You know, the ones a five year old makes up that aren't funny or clever except this one that I thought was pretty good. Why did the banana split - because it wanted ice cream. The rest were like, "Why did the baby cross the road -- to get to its mama." What is worse than a bad joke told once? You got it. I had to remember every answer she ever gave and I gave because I had a pop quiz on them on the way home. LOL

 I told our munchkin when the mountains were really close, we would be there. I tried to explain about the house and how we were no longer going to be living in town. She just couldn't put her brain around the concept. The grand kids have really had a hard time with this change. They decided at one point that they needed to move into our present home when we moved out. This home has been a source of joy and security and is all they have ever know. We have tried and tried to get them excited about the new place. Our five year old wasn't really buying it. When we grew closer and drove down the county road through cow and horse pastures, she declared we were going to live in a field. And if you think about it, we are.  

When we grew really close and the mountains were right there, she hollered from the back seat," It's so beautiful Grandma!" Indeed the mountains and the fields are a site to behold all blanketed in snow. After I took her through a tour of the house, we had signed the papers, and had returned to unload the trailers, she became angry. She was angry for a day and a half. When ever I tried to explain why we weren't moving into the house and why we had just put belongings into the barn she kept saying, "It's OUR house Grandma." "Those old people should just get OUT!"

 Well she's won over even if she isn't completely reasonable. Who can blame her when everywhere you look there are white tail deer. We drove through a flock of wild turkeys who were headed over to the neighbors to eat the corn laid out for them. Earlier our son's bird dog had flushed a flock of huns in our field while we were walking through it and the foot of snow covering it. It has indeed been quite a winter. We have yet to not see pheasants on the corner that we turn heading up the county road to our place. What outdoors girl wouldn't love this place.

What made me mad was I forgot my camera. I thought about it and then forgot as I was busy loading trailers and getting things gathered up for the house signing. I promise I'll put it in the truck first next time. We are having trouble with my good camera and will probably end up buying another but we do have some pain in the behind snappy cameras. They frustrate me to no end but I will bring them if that is all I have because you've heard nothing but stories.

Meanwhile, I'll show you the colors I have in mind for the new place. My inspirations is a Canadian goose. The black, gray, white, and tan colors of their feathers set against a green and blue background. I'm thinking of some of the photos I've taken and will enlarge for the walls of the dining room.
 From warm colors to cool. No wonder my mother could never figure me out. I am complex. Instead of just picking colors I like, I asked the house. The more formal bones of this home and setting say that it needs cooler colors. It has far more classy possibilities than the present home we are in. Our old home is in warm colors but I have varied tastes. The walls in the new home are presently white, the cupboards throughout the home are white, and the very old carpet is light gray. This new home is about to get turned on its ear and will hardly be recognizable when we get through. Yes, we will begin slowly remodeling and the first step is to paint. Then we will give the home tile and wood floors. Kirk wants to do some fancier tile work than he did in this home. He is rather getting in to it. We will update the bathrooms and kitchen as inexpensively as possible though the appliances have to go soon as they are wore out. We will bring the decorating in line with the feel of the home. When we are old and gray, oh wait Kirk is already gray. How about when we are too old to do more than sit out on the back deck and look at the stars then we might HAVE to sell but I'm looking to live there a long, long time.

The past owners weren't thrilled with the home they had built. To be blunt, they just never had the imagination to see its potential. My mind is teaming with possibilities.

If you too are looking for a creative adventure and ideas for your home, I'd recommend the Behr paint site. It is addictive. After choosing colors, you can put them on different walls of a room and see if they coordinate. I wanted colors nearly the same hue so they would cause a flow throughout the home. That always tends to make it appear larger. The white trim throughout will also help to pull it all together. I can't wait to start. But first we have to move and the weather warm so we can put in corrals. The past owner was trying to fix a post of the fence by the house that blew down and broke off his crow bar.  Come on weather warm up.

Next week the weather forecaster predicted a week of nice temperatures, in the thirties and forties. I hope they stay and it just grows warmer and warmer. Now if only the 8 inches it dumped in that area today will melt away without leaving the place so muddy we can't get in. Last Wednesday we had to chain up our pickup while it was in four wheel drive to get up the steep hill with the two trailers. Had we known the chains were in our son's truck Kirk was driving, we would not have had to switch trailers back and forth between trucks to get up the hill. This moving in the winter is for the birds but we have to get it done so we can finish the work we need to do on our home here and get it up for sale.

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