Sunday, March 30, 2014

Checklist Before Storm

Yesterday we were building a snowman. The weather was beautiful and warm.
After watching the movie Frozen we made a snowman. Not quite like Olaf but he was our inspiration along with what we could find around the yard.
Tonight is a very different story. The nice weather is gone.

We have a big storm moving in and it is beginning to snow. We have always prepared for storms for the just in case. Most times it isn't needed but there are those times we are extremely grateful. Our new location means we have to be extra prepared since the chances of loosing power and being snowed in are far greater. When the population is greatest is where the most energy is expended to restore power and provide services. We definitely do not qualify and I'm thankful. This move is in part about stepping up our self-sufficiency levels. 

In your area it might be a sea or ocean storm, it might be freezing rain, or maybe it is even a sandstorm. I'd be curious to hear what you do to prepare for such weather hazards. Let me know what you think of my list and fill free to add suggestions. I'd love to hear them and also what you do differently to prepare for what bad weather comes your way.

We have experienced power outages already, twice in fact. We have only been here a month. We do  know to prepare for that possibility. We aren't sure about the roads either since it was warm and now it is snowing. I'm guessing they will turn to ice and with 5 to 8 inches expected tonight with a bit more coming in tomorrow and the next day, Kirk is staying with our son which is much closer to work. That leaves our five year old and I getting ready to weather the storm together. We have made a game of it and built a checklist that we shout, "Check" when we have completed an item. 

This is ours checklist:
1. Water containers filled with enough for us and the stock for two days since electricity runs our well. Good thing we don't have very many animals. We need to work on more water storage for the future since the power once went out for three days I'm told.
2. Animals tucked in away from the storm.
3. Wood is chopped and hauled in the garage.
4. Batteries and flashlights ready. Lots of candles and holders. We need to get our propane lanterns from the other house.
5. One bottle of propane is here and a stove for it. We need to get our other bottles brought with the propane grill.
6. Bread baked.
7. Laundry done.
8. Dishes washed.
9. Bath for the munchkin and shower for me taken.
10. Truck tucked into the barn and plugged in.
11. We need to get the gas cans filled. In the future we will have the welder and it has a generator as part of it so that and the tractor will need gas. We need to practice keeping the vehicles filled each time we go to town.

Can you think of something I've missed? Tata for now, I'm off to play a game of Crazy Eights and eat popcorn with the munchkin. What do you do when the it is snowing outside?

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