Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The First Photos of the View From The New Place

I promised pictures and I'll begin with a few tonight. This is the road we drive up to get to our house. The place you see in the forefront is one of the ranches we pass on the county road.
This is the view to the south west from our yard.
And this is to the right of the house you saw in the forefront of the last photo.
This is to the west of us just to the right of the the above picture when looking out at the mountain from our back yard. Actually this is just the foothills of the Big Horn mountains but they are so tall you can't see the mountains from this area. The tracks you see in the snow are white-tail deer that come into the yard morning and night. There are several does and a couple fawns. Our five year old loved it. In fact she ran through the house over and over yelling, "I love this place!!!"
She was so tired of running everywhere, because she refused to walk yesterday evening or today, that by noon today she fell asleep as we returned to the title office to sign papers. Papers they did a boo boo on. They assigned the wrong number to our paperwork. Nothing is ever done anymore after the first time. Why is that? And then when we traded the car for the pickup at about 3 this afternoon at the house. She fell asleep again and slept all the way to her house an hour and a half away. She has been so excited she keeps wearing herself plum out. Poor tyke cried her self to sleep in my arms last night she was so.... exhausted from running. You know that cry they do when they are lulling themselves to sleep after being totally exhausted, kind of a chanting cry?
Her and I slept at the new place on mattresses we had just unloaded. Of course after she fell asleep I had to get back up and go to work again for a while putting things away. I'd loved to have gone to sleep at eight but there is so much to do. Our five year old thought it was the funniest sleep over ever and wanted the mattresses to remain on the floor until the next time she came. I believe no more sleep overs from any of the grandkids until we get moved. She was a really good kid but kids are a great deal of work and I have enough right now.
Before bed she had insisted on talking to her sisters on the phone and telling them all about her new home. (The kids believe that our house is their house and why not since they stay sometimes for three weeks at a time and once they lived with us for a year. ) The older girls were beyond jealous. They are insisting on coming this weekend for their tour. At the end of the conversation our five year old began to cry. I'm sure she misses her sisters as they are quite close and between emotions of being gone from the for a week, and being very tired, she had had enough for one day.
This is the view out our bedroom window that we will look at as we lay in bed. Now if we only we had a bed in the master bedroom but that set is still at the old house. We have to have something there to sleep on as the stock of course are still there in part because the ground is too frozen to pound posts into.

That is all for now. I'll download the other camera tomorrow and show you what's on there. Yes, these are from the snappy cameras. The two cameras took turns working. But hey at least one of them was doing the job even though it was never the same one. Meanwhile my beloved camera is still refusing to take pictures. I'll have to order a new camera body tomorrow. I give up. The view and wild life is too spectacular to miss taking pictures of and besides we really do need it for Kirk's business and mine when I get a moment to work on it. We load up again tomorrow and back we go again. Oh my aching back and knee. I just keep telling myself if I just keep it up I'll soon be here permanently and I can sit on the couch, put my feet up, and look at this view or rather the view from the living room that I'll be showing you tommorrow. I'm exhausted myself and so I bid you goodnight.

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