Friday, March 28, 2014

The Yaks Are Here.

The yaks are here, yeah. I brought them home today. This setting looks much more natural for them. They are a high altitude, mountain animal. I unloaded them and they ran to this fence at the far side of the pen and looked longingly beyond. I'm trying girls I'm trying. I had to dig a path through the snow at the opposite side of the pen just to get this much fence built.
Some of the drifts are natural and huge. Then there is this one in the garden that extends beyond. It was the first time the previous owner had used snow fence. It wasn't far enough back for this year. This year because we have more snow than we have had for a very long time. This drift extends beyond and across the driveway.
Our five year old came home with me today and she's having a ball in the deep drifts and warmer weather. It won't last. It's why I rushed to bring home the rest of the stock today because we have a warm day tomorrow for them to settle. Then a large storm to move in, 5 - 8 inches of snow, and with the way things are going it will be 8 or more. We had only a skiff predicted for yesterday and we got 2 inches and then a little last night. Much of that melted this afternoon but it will be all white soon again. That means chop lots of wood, get the flashlights ready, the candles ready, the propane stove, fill water containers, and such just in case the power goes out. Plus make lots of food because hubby will be staying with our son so he can get to work. The five year old and I will just sit tight. Okay by me. Can't wait until we can bring the tractor. We sure need it here but then we still need it to load things there too.   

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