Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm Back!!

If you could have heard the words coming out of this robin's mouth you would have gone for a bar of soap to wash its beak out. I may not know the exact words used but the tone was definitely clear. This robin was NOT happy about it snowing AGAIN.

Yes, I'm back!!!! We finally have our internet up again. Faulty equipment was the problem. Of course they have to blame the customer and give you the run around for weeks. The outside antennae piece had a broken part and a missing seal that was meant to keep the water out, a fault of the manufacturers. When it snowed or rained (which is has been doing a lot of) the internet wouldn't work. It would dry out and work once more until it was just too soaked and quit all together. We had to wait for a couple weeks for the repair man to arrive after we convinced the company to send one.

Meanwhile we have been STILL moving. If Kirk goes again tomorrow, it will be five trips this past week. We need to push to get done as time is running out and so a little vacation time had to be used. Kirk is doing  most of the work lately as the jobs are not something I can do alone or at all. I have traveled back and forth to look after stock but I did often drop a load off in the evening and head back most mornings to help again. The last couple days we dismantled the hay loaf piece of equipment we used to store small square hay bales in for years, and then it held the tractor, and now it will be transformed into a greenhouse next year. So it is on ranches and farms everywhere. Things just keep finding new uses until they become so decrepit the trash heap is all they are good for.

This antique hay loaf was put together by a ton of screws. If you think about all the ruts they bang over in a hay field you can understand why they have so many but boy was it a pain. Every foot of the 12 by 24 ft. area had a screw or two. I became very familiar with the screw gun and the impact drilly- thingy magigy --just not the proper names. Kirk took out far more screws with the octagon heads than I and he did all but two of the larger ones that had to be done by hand as so many were just rusted to the frame. Guys have far more strength than girls do. It is a fact I have excepted despite my, "I can do it myself attitude." I am so grateful to have him and his superior strength. Kirk spend several nights and was there in the morning and evenings when the wind would die down a bit and he had to really push then while it gave him a break. I do not miss the constant wind where we use to live.

It whipping the tin dangerous and tin cuts unmercifully. That meant we had to pick projects around the weather and sometimes do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It also meant I got home pretty late one night as we had to wait for the wind to calm down so I could dangle roof sections off the end of my forks on the tractor to lower them to the ground. The tractor isn't quite tall enough to reach the roof so Kirk directed and I held a very light touch on the controls to keep the pieces from sliding back down and crashing on my head. 

We would of had help but the wind was roaring when our son was available. Bummer big time as we probably would have had both the yak shed and the loafer dismantled with two guys that can  efficiently run the tools. Instead we got one project done. No, I'm not real handy with tools. For the past ten years I could never find what ones I wanted and gave up trying. So this girl who once was far more skilled is no longer. How in the world did we get so much in such a little space?

If Kirk is up to it, tomorrow we will try for one more load before he has to head back to work. A storm is brewing and will mess the weather up for a few days. It seems like Aa storm is always brewing. We were blessed to have the weather we did this week. 

It was during one snowy day when there wasn't any wind that I walked a few miles and took these pictures. People complain of the wind here but really it is nice in comparison to where we use to live. 20 to 30mph was a normal day there. Here it does howl on occasion but we don't have constant winds. Yes, I know other parts of Wyoming have it even worse than we did there. They can keep it.

I wish this photo wasn't just over the fence but alas, I don't know the rancher well enough for him to allow me to hop fences.

I always feel sorry for these little calves as often their first encounter with the outside world isn't so nice and warm. Yes, this crazy lady did see it snowing outside and run for her camera taking a long walk in it. I couldn't help it. It wasn't blowing sideways like it always does where we use to live. Snow falling straight down has a very intimate feeling that I can't resist.
Besides, it was fairly warm that day and despite snowing hard like this most of the day, it only stuck to the grass after the temperatures fell at night time.

I missed you and I'll try and get back up to running speed with my blogs but know we are STILL moving so interruptions are bound to happen. As for settling in, I don't know when that will happen. We do need badly to build some more fence as the goats are longingly looking to the other side. I am really far behind on getting my bags done for the shop in Colorado. So much to do and so little time and energy.

We did have a lovely Easter. I got up at 4:30 in the morning and made lunch for after church. The herbed potatoes went into a crock pot and the ham into another. With deviled eggs, a green salad, and fresh rolls made that morning it turned out okay with the help of Marie Calendar pies for dessert. It was lovely to have so many members of our family around us.

Marie Callender's at the Rexroat house? I know but there was no way I was going to get a dessert made as Friday, Kirk and I had filled a trailer with belongings and Kirk had stayed at the old house over night to finish filling the truck the next morning. He arrived home Saturday morning and I knew we would be unloading that day so we could enjoy Easter and be back for another load on Monday. Our oldest daughter and I left to go shopping Saturday morning for Easter as Kirk drove home. 
While 25 miles away from our new home at the store and looking at a long grocery list, I received a phone call, "We'll be there in a couple hours with your bees." 

Panic set in, and despite needing things, we hurried home. We had the essentials for Easter. Kirk had to build a frame for the hives to sit on as our old one was rotted. We had to get the hive boxes out, the individual frames cleaned up, and everything stacked. We had sugar water to get ready. We had to clean a chicken waterer and set it up with plain water. Granted, the bees were expected the end of April but I thought the beekeeper bringing them would stay home with his family for Easter -- apparently not. Kirk and I had set aside the hive boxes we wanted to use the week before but we thought we had a little more time to get ready. So Saturday we did bees and we unloaded the truck and trailer. By nighttime we were just too tired to cook for Easter, hence the ringing of the alarm clock at 4:30 in the morning.

I hope you all had a lovely day and a much more relaxing weekend.

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