Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mindy and Mortimer


Mindy and Mortimer sitting on the grass, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage! Where oh where does my mind go? For some reason that childhood chant popped into my brain when I saw Mindy and her boyfriend on the grass this morning. Mortimer is a new addition as we've only previously had Mindy but the Robins are here, bluebirds were here yesterday and the geese are flying north. The birds are promising it is spring, the calendar says it is spring, the weather says otherwise. But obviously the animals are starting without the weather and obviously Mindy sent signals that brought Mortimer to our little corner of the world.

I'm sure they are thoroughly twitter pated. Oh come on, haven't you seen Bambi, the Disney movie? If not twitter pated then it is lust pure and simple but anyway no matter the cause you know the results, lots of baby rabbits. PROBLEM!!! Mindy lives under the garden shed. You know what happened to little Peter's dad when he went into Mr. McGreggor's garden in Beautrix Potter's books? Mrs. Rexroat's garden will likely be the same. I don't care what the last owner's wife said. I can't believe that Mindy did not eat anything out of their garden unless they didn't grow anything she likes. Mine being twice the size of theirs I'm sure she will like the selection. Too bad because I have grown kind of fond of her hopping around our yard morning and night. She is our only rabbit. Come summer we may have a conflict of interest with her and her offspring.

Some of you smarties are probably wondering how in the world did I know Mindy was a she. I didn't. The rabbit looked kind of feminine like and so the fluffy fur ball became Mindy. How do I still know it is a girl? Mortimer I'm sure is making the rounds like any good ole Casanova. We had a black Tom back at the old place that did the same thing. Only saw him when the Queens came into heat. What's a Queen? It is a female cat of breeding age.

For your information a female rabbit is called a doe or sometimes a jill. A boy is a buck and a baby rabbit a kit. How the scientist come up with that is beyond me because a doe and a buck is what a goat is called and rabbits are nothing like a goat. Does anyone know what the formula is or does a scientist name them kind of like I named Mindy, by a whim?

 Update: Mortimer has left. It was a one night stand as I feared. Poor Mindy is once again alone - for the time being that is because I think a baby carriage will soon be arriving.

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